Fri 24 Apr 2015 11:40PM

Open Art - co-hosted open space session notes

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I co-hosted an Open Space session with @alijacs (on twitter). We ran the session as an interactive, collaborative discussion session and expanded the definition of Open Art to include culture, design and other creative activities in order to include the interests and perspectives of the participants.

These are the notes from that session (not necessarily in the original order and not expressive of the entirety of the discourse):

Open Art

  • industrial design
  • geeky/arty continuum
  • culture
  • licensing
  • illustration
  • one off contributions vs ongoing support
  • livelihoods
  • ethics
  • symbiosis
  • distribution mediums
  • new models of making $$$

Generic open source platform for open, collaborative art

Flat structure - artists, designers, dws (digital workstation)

Cooperative - exchange artist talents

Useful places + ideas about organizational structure: iwantmyname, Loomio

Do we need a culture shift?

We can't pay our bills if we're always accepting others' use of our work without compensation as 'good exposure'.

#Overheard "No one would ask a surgeon to operate for exposure"

People need to appreciate/learn to appreciate art: time/expertise/effort

Invite the public to see the 'backstage' view

Waiting and paying vs Illegal downloading

Some artists may actively encourage others to access their work through providing USB access to live show recordings, art exhibition data etc.

Can we have fair use without copyright?

The artist is only one element - need to consider downstream effects: employees, recording engineers, distribution and retail impacts etc.

What about artists who don't rely on digital formats? Live experience value

Game of Thrones:

#1 in Spain through illegal downloads though never released there (access creating new markets)

Early release of new season episodes - marketing ploy?

Culture, pirating, impatience, immediate gratification, 'everyone' can get it (in theory) vs personal choice to wait for official release, principles, creatives refraining from illegal downloads as a form of 'do unto others'

What does respect for artists look like?

What is the future?

Future of machine automation: human creativity and ingenuity will set us apart, potential increase in value, 'premium product/service'


PAN & BAM | Creator: Stephen Chernishov Fri 8 May 2015 11:52AM

There are a lot of well thought through questions asked here!
If we are able to contribute intuitively, and in tiny bursts we'll get to be part of cool artistic developments - begin to bond well with new people, establish relationships, and gain more understanding about the talents of those with cross-interests...which can then build confidence for us to work together more formally??
It will be really cool to start a collaborative community of people who make comics. The idea is that one person starts the comic, and then shares it, and various people work on it (could go off in different strands). Then hopefully, really polished comics could come out, and new relationships..


[deactivated account] Thu 14 May 2015 6:30AM

Thanks! It was a great opportunity to see what the intersection of open and art might look like in a practical sense. I am very interested in exploring the options for a resurgent arts industry via openness and integrity-driven development!


PAN & BAM | Creator: Stephen Chernishov Thu 14 May 2015 8:25AM

Wish I could have been there at the discussion.
I have done registered Trademarks and ISSN ISBN Copyright licencing, and am building PANBAM brand using art. If anyone talks I'm happy to share ideas, knowledge, collaborate, etc..
[email protected]