Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:29PM


CJ Christopher Jackson Public Seen by 110

Just general chit-chat...


Christopher Jackson Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:30PM

How鈥檚 everyone? 馃憤馃従 or 馃憥馃従


Daniel Ibarra Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:34PM

馃憤 so far.. but you know today's only day 2 of 21+ of our shelter in place orders here in California! Given the time we now all (might) have, perhaps we should set up a zoom call to discuss our next steps w.r.t. changing platforms? AC or all interested..


laurenkoconnor Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:39PM

I've lost my mind and we haven't even got a shelter in place order. I also don't have internet at home. All my poor life choices are coming back to haunt me.


Christopher Jackson Wed 18 Mar 2020 8:26PM

NO INTERNET AT HOME?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Christopher Jackson Wed 18 Mar 2020 8:30PM

Yes. @Tom Narock, @Evan Goldstein and me discussed this after our AGU meeting last week. I'll hope over the relevant channel and post a Doodle link.


Dasapta Erwin Irawan Wed 18 Mar 2020 9:07PM

Greetings from Indonesia. All good over here. Working from is hard when you have 9 yo and 4 yo at home too. All day long. :)


Dasapta Erwin Irawan Wed 18 Mar 2020 10:54PM

I see you still run :). It's a good sign.


laurenkoconnor Thu 19 Mar 2020 6:01PM

I've gotten by with just my phone, but then my phone died. Past me is an idiot.


Christopher Jackson Thu 19 Mar 2020 7:19PM



Alex Peace Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:31PM

Hey, all good here! Hope you are all surviving out there!


Nicolas Le Corvec Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:38PM

"Pretty good" in Bordeaux. My wine cave is very useful 馃嵎 :) Fines have increased to a 135 euros if we go out without justification...


Daniel Ibarra Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:38PM

A professor at Berkeley was cited yesterday for going out for a walk!


Tanvi Chheda Wed 18 Mar 2020 9:23PM

Wow! What cause/ citation quote? And what amount?


Daniel Ibarra Wed 18 Mar 2020 9:48PM

$43 !


laurenkoconnor Fri 20 Mar 2020 11:29PM

I wish they'd do that here. There are bars still open. I went for a walk and while 90% of people were distancing, that other 10% seem completely oblivious.


[deactivated account] Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:38PM

Day 8 of self-isolation! Loving it! *hysterical laughter*


Allegra LeGrande Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:42PM

Extremes in NYC. Panic buying through sweaty basketball playing masses of young adults.


Christopher Jackson Wed 18 Mar 2020 8:59PM

Panic buying?!?!


Allegra LeGrande Wed 18 Mar 2020 10:31PM

Yes 鈥 panic buying of pretty much toilet paper and most foods. But not chick pea pasta or chocolate hummus. Because even in a panic, NY-ers keep some wits about them.


david Iacopini Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:54PM

Here in italy .. surviving..


david Iacopini Wed 18 Mar 2020 6:58PM

I am all right surrounded by some damaged families.. locked at home. got lot of wine, My workstation lecture to be delivered and stuff to work. I wish to all you a better narrative than that one


Jesse Pisel Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:05PM

Austin is eerily quiet, no traffic, and lots of zoom meetings to figure out what's next for classes after spring break. What a strange time.


Jamie Farquharson Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:11PM

My wife and I are both working from home in Miami, although neither of our jobs has mandated it. Still loads of people out and about...


Ben Johnson Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:33PM

Feeling ok for now, working from home but definitely struggling to focus. Wishing I could be more help!


Han Geurdes Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:37PM

Hi Christopher,

Thanks. I like general chit chat.

How are you in this day and age of the virus?



Christopher Jackson Wed 18 Mar 2020 8:31PM

All good, thanks! Gonna get chaotic as they've closed the schools...and my wife is a school teacher...who is still going to have to be helping out in several ways.


Matteo De Felice Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:39PM

Everything ok here in the north holland, in the Netherlands. Schools are closed but we can go to the park and move around with the bike.


Han Geurdes Wed 18 Mar 2020 7:41PM

In the Netherlands it's ok. Luckily I am in a low covid are. Sheer luck. How are you.


laurenkoconnor Fri 20 Mar 2020 11:30PM

Are they testing enough people to know that it's a low covid area? I'm allegedly in one, but they've only tested about 300 people in the whole state.


Tanvi Chheda Wed 18 Mar 2020 9:36PM

California is on lockdown, but not bad. Its been the best time to write my thesis :P i would go to random talks from microbiology to human computer interaction, then begin to write but then it was gym time. Now there's no FOMO, no distractions, and no guilt for sitting around. The continuity is awesome :)

Spending a bunch of time putting together nicer meals but that's the only distraction. We already had 1GBps upload/download. Picked up a nice rotating chair from the office before it closed off!

Did virtual meals with friends. Highly recommend interactions like that for emotional health


Daniel Ibarra Wed 18 Mar 2020 9:48PM

Best of luck with the writing!


brandon Wed 18 Mar 2020 10:01PM

I'm in New Zealand and there's only ~20 cases confirmed. I *could* go to work but I'm not. I'm 馃憤 for now. Be well everyone.


david Iacopini Wed 18 Mar 2020 10:06PM

a propos of panic buying here in the Italian side of the planet i have to say so far we never had any panic buying鈥.we are not short of food..lot of small food shop got constant refilled as well as they told me the supermarket (which i avoid). Said that being since 10 days in total lockdown..self-isolated at home and garden.. it really modify your perception of the time it break you usual rhythm . you don t know when it is saturday or monday....even the night and day usual division get smoother .The fact I found students willing to revise lecture (on remote connection) on the evening of a Saturday or Sunday let me think i am not the only one.. However... i notice and read above. that the lockdown strategy is spreading across the planet ..which i feel sorry for ...but it also make me feel not too bad. In Naples they say .'' ha da passa' a nuttata '' ...The night shall pass


Daniel Pastor Gal谩n Thu 19 Mar 2020 12:54AM

In Japan we have been in a semi-quarantine since February, but we can still go to the offices or have a walk. Everything is working to a general extent, although meetings, conferences, classes and any gathering over 20 people have been cancelled.


Zheng Thu 19 Mar 2020 3:27AM

Hello, everyone. I am in Suzhou, China. All the labs are closed since January, and no one knows when we can return the campus, although there is no any new case for 3 weeks. If there is anything you want to know about the condition in China, I am happy to communicate.


David Thu 19 Mar 2020 6:58AM

Barcelona is on lockdown - 6th day. My partner and I are good, working from home, both ok for now. Food markets and pharmacies are open. Day highlights are buying groceries and cheering at 8 pm from the balcony in support of health system professionals, together with the rest of the street/neighbourhood/city/country. I understand that people in other countries are happy to be allowed to still have a short-of-normal routine, be outside or go to work, but please be smarter than your governments and lockdown yourselves. Gov'ts are reacting very late, for the bug can remain asymptomatic for a week or more. For example, Spain is very much in the exponential part of "the curve" despite almost a week of confinement. So, self lockdown means fewer problems later on.


Bryan Lougheed Thu 9 Apr 2020 4:35PM

Here in Sweden, the pubs are still open. I haven't been to one for a month though. I'm following my home country (Ireland) recommendations, in the absence of responsible leadership here in Sweden.


Murat G眉l Thu 19 Mar 2020 7:49AM

Greetings from Turkey. Precautions against corona had been taken by the Ministry of Health for 2-3 months, serious corona struggle started only 1 week ago. All primary and secondary schools are on holiday for 1 week, they start the remote education next week. Universities were in holiday for 3 weeks, we will start remote education next week, I don't know how to study distance geology (If someone has idea or video about physical geology-petroleum geology can share me). Quarantine warning from everywhere, including stay home dont go park, shoping mall etc.. There are still those who do not pay attention. Around 20 thousand people who travel to Umrah-Saudi Arabia (due to religious reason-not compulsory) are in quarantine, and their follow-up is critical. The number of tests were said to be low (8000/week). The official number of corona cases was 190, the number of dead was 2. But it is increasing every day. It is difficult for my 5-year-old son to be imprisoned at home. Get well soon everyone


Domenico Chiarella Thu 19 Mar 2020 9:56AM

Day 4 of self-isolation at home (better to say in one room). Eventually, seems that this morning the fever drop almost to a normal level. Keeping busy replying emails, watching my favorite movies (Commissario Montalbano) so I can "breath" southern Italy landscape and sounds, and trying to finalise some "for a long time almost finished" manuscript.

All the best to everyone out there from UK.



Shashank P M Thu 19 Mar 2020 12:11PM

Hey Chris,

All good here in India. Universities have sent all students home. Expecting the PM to make a big announcement in a couple of hours from now.



William D. Harcourt Thu 19 Mar 2020 1:52PM

Hope everyone is doing well! I hope that we can all chat once we have settled into our new work routines. Keep safe everyone, Will


Bruce Caron Sat 21 Mar 2020 3:36PM

To all of us staying home for the foreseeable future with those whom we love: be considerate about your diet. Here is one keen suggestion from Amanda Palmer:



wrenmontgomery Wed 25 Mar 2020 2:33PM

Hi Chris thanks for the invite -- it went into my clutter folder, plus I don't check that email very much any more. Lockdown has basically normalized what I was doing before: staying in, applying for jobs, and not getting shortlisted/offers!


Daniel Ibarra Mon 30 Mar 2020 11:13PM

Covid related preprint w.r.t. air pollution on EarthArXiv: https://eartharxiv.org/nhgj3/


laurenkoconnor Tue 31 Mar 2020 1:18AM

I feel like these should be going to medical servers