Wed 2 Sep 2020 9:07PM

Loomio Docker install next to Apache

G GasparI Public Seen by 49


I have tried to install Loomio via Docker (docker.io package) on Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS and it's (still) not a next-next-finish process.

Moreover, Apache is already running on the target server, so I can't use port 80/443 in the Docker configuration, deploy fails.

Any ideas how to map it to a loomio.example.com address via another ports?


joesab Mon 7 Sep 2020 10:29PM

I´m sorry no one could help answering, I also had troubles with docker even after going through every setting :-(


Colin Fletcher Mon 15 Mar 2021 4:50PM

I had a look through your script, @T, and I think passing through the SSL connection like you do is a much cleaner way to do it. Thanks for making it available!