Tue 26 Jan 2016 10:39PM

What about Italian?

SM Sergio Minni Public Seen by 58

It is strange but it seems that the IT translation is going backwards. A lot of term already translated are coming back in English, even trivial one :( Is something going with italian translation? Somebody could cooperate with me to provide a better and stable localization? I am already active in Transifex and can make a lot of work :)


Natalia Lombardo Tue 26 Jan 2016 10:48PM

Hi @sergiominni I'm Nati from the Loomio team and I'm the contact point for translations. I'm guessing that what you are referring too may be due to the fact that the old app and the new version have different resources and they need to be translated separately. Therefore the things that where translated in the old app won't appear as such in the new version.
But if there's a different issue or if you have any questions please let me know by mentioning me with @nati on transifex or here.
And thanks for all your help! :)


Sergio Minni Wed 27 Jan 2016 8:02AM

@nati thanks for the quick feedback ;) no, I'm involved exclusively in the production branch but I noticed that even making a lot of translations, most or all of them remained unchecked. So I guess there is a problem on the workflow. I saw, moreover, that unespected items in the group I am running in Italy (that hopefully would lead to put strategic parts of a local election campaign on Loomio) are still in English. Not a great problem, but I fear this could make more steep the learning curve for less-skilled activists. Italian politics are lazy... :(


Natalia Lombardo Wed 27 Jan 2016 10:09PM

Hi! I'm not sure I understand what are you talking about with working with the production branch... But the only way we process translations is through Transifex. So if you are not part of it yet I'll suggest you to sign up there and join the Italian Loomio team.
You can read more info here.