Mon 8 Jan 2018 11:33AM

[meeting] 15/01/18 Doodle & Minutes

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On keybase there has been talk of wanting to have a meeting soon. I set up a 'time poll' here on loomio but it seems it did not work. so as a tempory measure, ive made a doodle:


*** UPDATE ***

We have not been able to find a time in the next week when everyone is free. So we will have a smaller meeting on Monday 15th Jan 7pm GMT, 8pm CEST, 6am AEDT

If anyone wants to create a loomio time poll for a bigger meeting in the next few weeks, please do (i couldnt get it to work)

It has not been discussed how (where?) the meeting will take place, but the last one was via skype with some people physically meeting in london.

It seems things for mmt are at a bit of a pivotal point, and this could be quite an important meeting. for that reason it would be great if we manage to find a time that everyone who want to come can make. please bear in mind that people live in different timezones, so you might need to be extra flexible about times... (the doodle was set up in CEST but im guessing it will show you local times)

EDIT (by Kieran)

Please add any agenda items you have to the linked markdown document below which may be relevant to discussion for the Software Project.

If you do contribute an item, can you be present at the meeting to open discussion around that area, or delegate someone to do so in your stead.


EDIT (by Kieran)

Here's an agenda for the Political Project next meeting which we can add items to. Same guidelines apply :-)



peg Mon 8 Jan 2018 11:38AM

Feel free to post as comments here anything you would like to add as points to be discussed, or things people should think/read about beforehand.

One point would be: Setting a day/time for a weekly developer meeting


Johnny Ennioa Neoptolomus Mon 8 Jan 2018 2:45PM

Hey Peg (and everyone) - I think the date for meeting is a little tight to make at the moment for me ( tuesday 09/01/18 ) - Perhaps next week and a range of days that we can all choose from may be a better option - best Johnny


Kieran Mon 8 Jan 2018 5:12PM

@johnnyennioaneopto there's more dates if you scroll along!


Johnny Ennioa Neoptolomus Mon 8 Jan 2018 8:25PM

not sure why - a certain erasure of visuality occurs when doodle and i get together


Kieran Tue 9 Jan 2018 2:47PM

You're not alone. I badly filled out my last one... :laughing:


peg Mon 8 Jan 2018 6:25PM

yeah its a big cumbersome... simpler might be if someone just suggests a date/time and we see who cant make it


[deactivated account] Tue 9 Jan 2018 12:18AM

Here is a neat calendar which shows the complexity of handelling this stuff across timezones:


I 100% think both projects need a weekly meeting, so it's worth the effort to lock in a time that generally works. I guess once we have had a few meetings, we can try to figure out if there are adjustments that can be made to enable more people who want to be there, to be there.


afrosapien Tue 9 Jan 2018 7:56AM

Again, it may be difficult to get more than 3-5 people to synchronize at any given time. I suggest meeting in "cells" and reporting back the results/discussion of the meeting.


peg Wed 10 Jan 2018 5:04PM

Looking at the doodle as is now... there is no time slot which everyone can make.

Slots which 4 people can make are:

  • Thursday 11th (tomorrow at time of writing) - 20h CEST Bleep and CP cant make it
  • Monday 15th 10,12,14h CEST - @bleep and @danhassan cant make it
  • Monday 15th 20h CEST - CP and Bleep cant make it
  • Tuesday 16th 20 CEST - CP and Bleep cant make it

Do we wanna push meeting back further, or someone change their plans, or someone doesnt come, or split into sub-groups, or something else entirely?


peg Thu 11 Jan 2018 12:20PM

So its looking like this will be a smaller-than-hoped meeting in the shortterm, and we would like to set a later date for a bigger meeting touching on the wider political aspects... in the mean time does our in-house loomio expert(s) wanna try to make a loomio time poll for this -cos when i tried to do it it didnt seem to work


mix irving Mon 15 Jan 2018 1:28AM

Sorry I've been quiet, I can make this time ( Monday 15th Jan 7pm GMT )


Kieran Mon 15 Jan 2018 6:54PM

Hello folk, I'm initiating a Skype group for the meeting (in 7 minutes time). Anyone who wants to attend, please fire me across your email to kieran.a.gibb@gmail.com


Kieran Mon 15 Jan 2018 7:02PM


[deactivated account] Tue 16 Jan 2018 2:00AM

@all not sure best way to do post review of meeting. are action points clear?

I was able to connect AFTER most people had left. @ameba23 and I managed to exchange some text ideas.

Suggest that we roll out the rails app but with a new user group of anyone in this group. This will be lower stakes, but live. Offline I will run the spreadsheet concurrent to spreadsheet and cross check results from spread sheet to app.

How does this sound? I suggest everyone has a installation and you gather some friends around you and act as the single admin to get some perspective of that subjectivity and to get some ideas about how to improve this...


Emily Wed 17 Jan 2018 4:00PM

I feel useless because I didn't even realise this meeting was happening or being organised. I try to keep up with the loomio activity, but I feel like I"m always at least 3 steps behind. I want to do better!


Kieran Wed 17 Jan 2018 4:06PM

There's another tonight --> https://www.loomio.org/d/4djYwIRo/-meeting-17-01-2018-8pm-utc?utm_campaign=new_comment&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thread_mailer

We're doing out best to pin down processes so its clear where to look. You can in the future we should be able to search [meeting] and find all info!


[deactivated account] Fri 19 Jan 2018 4:13AM

@emily41 : "I feel useless because I didn't even realise this meeting was happening or being organised. I try to keep up with the loomio activity, but I feel like I"m always at least 3 steps behind. I want to do better!"

Yeah - loomio can be very clunky as well as the fact we are still sorting out our patterns and processes as a group. Sorry you have been feeling frustrated!

FYI this is the process that led to the meeting happening:

  1. Folks chatting in the keybase mmt.development channel decided setting up a weekly development meeting was needed. After a quick discussion was decided Loomio was best place to announce & organise the meeting.
  2. On the 8th of Jan peg started a thread with a doodle to figure out when to have a meeting
  3. Meeting was then set.

This will be the weekly slot from here on out:

Monday 8pm GMT, 9pm CEST, 7am AEDT