Sat 8 May 2021 5:13PM


EME Erica May / EM Public Seen by 14

anyone like movies? i know @Azikee does!!! what are some good flicks


Azikee Sat 8 May 2021 5:28PM

there is a series on Netflix that Korean name 1) sweet home

2) love and monsters


Azikee Sat 8 May 2021 5:53PM

if you like movies from the early 2000"s 1) DARK BLUE 2)KALIFORNIA


Erica May / EM Sun 9 May 2021 1:25PM

i havent seen either of these!! 🤓 excited to watch


Erica May / EM Fri 14 May 2021 7:53PM

TWISTER is actually better than i thought it would be tbh!!! great plot


Erica May / EM Fri 28 May 2021 4:59PM

watched THE RING and it was actually really good! maybe because it started off as a novel, but i found it rly well written


Erica May / EM Sat 29 May 2021 3:26PM

rewatched coherence last night -- it's a reality-bending contemporary sci fi movie. we watched it over video w a couple of friends and one of them said "that's the most engaging movie -- time just flew by"



Erica May / EM Sat 29 May 2021 3:30PM

one of my favourite movies and i think it's on netflix!! super suspenseful, u can tell something is Off but dont know what (just like the main character). related, there's this blog post i read once that highlighted wrongness as true and genuine horror and i think this movie captures that so well.



Erica May / EM Sat 29 May 2021 10:30PM

both good time and uncut gems by the safdie brothers are like a genre of their own -- a genre like being on a lot of drugs in a public place, just so unbelievably stressful. their movies are just wrong move after wrong move.



similar to that is cash only -- about the superintendent of a building who finds a ton of money that u will not be surprised to learn is Missed.