Tue 23 Sep 2014 1:01AM

Wiki-able guide pages (Stack Exchange Style)

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Previous discussion on github


>If we implement wiki-like functionality I was wondering what people thought of applying this as an option for guides.

>In this way the author has the capacity to turn their article into a wiki if they choose (perhaps they no longer wish to maintain it) or there being some other mechanism by which this can occur (e.g. a popular article is abandoned by it's author, and users vote to wikify it)

>This is done on StackExchange (and it's sister sites) - allowing the author of a post to turn it over to the community to manage as a wiki. This helps keep popular questions relevant over time as technologies update, and also provides a way to curate an 'ideal' question with an accepted answer, which is linked to when closing duplicates. I think it's a pretty neat solution that provides a path from author-owned content to community-owned content (metaphorically speaking, as I'm sure OpenFarm will be CC licensed anyway?).


Rory Aronson Tue 23 Sep 2014 3:00AM

I'm all for it! I think this is a future feature though, not part of an MVP.


[deactivated account] Tue 23 Sep 2014 3:02AM

Yeah, which is why I wanted to get it out of github and into here :)