Tue 15 Nov 2022 2:17PM

On-boarding Q&A for New Members!

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We have known that our on-boarding process on social.coop needs a little TLC for some time- it can be daunting to navigate so many different sign ons all at once! Not to mention, Mastodon itself is a little confusing to figure out. With an exciting influx of new members, we thought we'd try to get the on-boarding party started with a Social.Coop 101 + Q&A. Noting that we're all scattered across many timezones, we'll record the session for those that can't attend and post it to this thread and open up discussion for any further follow up questions.

Here's a link of tips on how to navigate mastodon from someone on a different instance: https://axbom.com/mastodon-tips/

Here's a link to a recording of the first session: https://www.loomio.com/d/weg1CJB5/on-boarding-q-a-for-new-members-/49

This graphic is from a strategy session. There are some updates that need to be made on it but may help give an overview of how we operate and the many ponderings of possible future directions for the co-op!


LibreEquity Sun 11 Dec 2022 1:54AM

I was curious about potential recent membership trends so I made this graph:


LibreEquity Sun 11 Dec 2022 1:51AM

Perhaps there is a way to customize the color of each thread's title banner based on how public the thread is? E.g.


Billy Smith Fri 9 Dec 2022 1:52AM

@Ana Ulin TY. I didn't know that.

I wasn't able to view the Loomio threads before i signed up, so it may have changed recently, or my Loomio skills aren't as effective as yours. :D

@Matthew Cropp While changing the viewable status of the main group would be useful for the peace-of-mind for our current members, potential future members will need to have some idea of how we operate to get an idea of what to expect of us, and what is expected of them, if they do join.

This is a problem that i have come across from joining housing co-op's 30+ years ago. While i knew what to expect from a co-op, some of the other applicants for membership didn't know how a co-op worked, or what was expected in terms of time, as well as attitude.

If the Loomio goes dark for the public, we will need some form of publicly-accessible docs that explains this to potential new members, which is kind of why we are having this conversation. :D


Matthew Cropp Thu 8 Dec 2022 6:57PM

Dredging through my distant memories, I feel like we initially set it up so the general forum was viewable, but the working group subgroups were not. I would definitely support changing the main group to members-only viewable at this point, though.


Ana Ulin Thu 8 Dec 2022 6:48PM

I don't remember an explicit conversation about these norms in the last few years. Looking at a few sample Loomio threads, it looks like some are public, and some are not, I'm guessed based on the judgement of whoever started the thread.

It feels worth bringing this up as its own Loomio thread to make sure we're all at least clear about how things are working now.


Ana Ulin Thu 8 Dec 2022 6:44PM

I can definitely see these posts if I'm not logged into Loomio:

ETA: In fact this thread is explicitly marked as public:


Billy Smith Thu 8 Dec 2022 3:53PM

Remember that you can't see any of the Loomio posts if you aren't logged in to Loomio, AND, are a member of the social.coop Loomio group, which you don't get to do without joining social.coop. :D

The posts are not public to non-members. :D


Dynamic Thu 8 Dec 2022 12:45PM

It would be nice if there were a way of sharing this kind of information within the community but not making it available without social.coop login credentials.

Even this conversation seems a bit more public than I feel like it ought to be.


Billy Smith Thu 8 Dec 2022 12:33PM

This was explicitly discussed before the recording started.

IIRC, the general idea was that the links to the video would initially only be sent to the participants, but that they could share it afterwards.


Dynamic Tue 6 Dec 2022 10:25AM

I notice that Social.Coop Loomio conversations and things like the recording of the onboarding meeting are visible to the entire internet, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Have there been discussions about privacy norms for the Social.Coop community?

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