Mon 13 Jul 2020 2:30PM


PT Paul Thistlethwaite Public Seen by 103


Michael Clark Mon 13 Jul 2020 2:21PM

Hi Paul,

I have two suggestions on two subjects,


It is far to dangerous to allow children onto the road on an E-Scooters/Bicycle but I have a solution to the problem and as the Government will be debating E-Scooters  soon, my  MP Sarah Jones has told me she will  be forwarding this solution.  

Greenpeace agree with this idea.

For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians, (Painted Green), and the opposite Pavement would be for Bicycles and little Electric Scooters, (Paint Red or Blue). Parents won't get there car out if they know there child can ride to School safely’,( and Adults to work ), cutting Pollution and Congestion. ‘No injuries’, so no Ambulances or Hospitals needed and no problem parking around Schools.

The Government are about to allow E-Scooters on to our Roads, so this needs to be implemented as soon as possible, because children will be injured and killed if we don’t do this straight away.

Please consult your friends on this idea.

2nd Suggestion:

We must have an XR song with a 'Chant', and a Catchy Chorus,

Two Global 'Warning' songs.

We Know It’s True By Mick J. Clark.


'We Will Never Surrender By Extinction Rebellion'


Keep Safe,

Mick J. Clark,

[email protected]