Sat 6 Apr 2019 11:47AM

What to do about all the excess chess mats?

HL Hampus Lindblad Public Seen by 113

We don't have use/space for all of our soft chessboard budo mats in our new building. Currently the excess mats occupy more than 1 m3 of storage space, which is something we can't afford in the long term.

Should we sell them, and if so, how much should we charge for them? My suggestion would be 75-100 kr each, depending on individual condition.

Any other ideas of what to do with them?


Christian Ubbesen Sat 6 Apr 2019 2:24PM

Are they of importance for Borderland or other events? Maybe a camp want to buy them (and store them somewhere else)?


Hampus Lindblad Sat 6 Apr 2019 2:39PM

They could definitely be of interest to camps/projects at BL. Also to individuals, many people have inquired about them over the years.


Joannis Magnus Magnuson Fotinos Sat 6 Apr 2019 5:07PM

At the moment we do not know how many mats are needed plus we got an issiue that some workshops want to use them in both the church and midle earth. Also during some type of workshops that involve more action a duble layer is needed. So non permanent mats will be needed as blivande has before been sceptical for permanent mats inall rooms. Selling almost new mats for huge loss that are a central part of many workshops is a bad idea. Specially before thefinal remodeling of the techno temple is done. If the mats are an issue for blivande the node can fix a storadge place for them that are over after the remodeling of the node room. Althught when all the mats come to place i do not think manny will be left over. We will take upp the issue i next meeting. Is it urgent to move the mats now? We got a cleanup planed after the technotemple is ready. Can ot wait or shell we store them in an other room now?


Joannis Magnus Magnuson Fotinos Sat 6 Apr 2019 5:14PM

Also there was a sugestion to use mats for workshops outside. To not mix fresh and dirty mats upp there was an idea to reserve all red/blue mats for outside activities that will soon be of interest as the weather is getting warmer.
We will se how manny and where those whill and can be stored.


Joannis Magnus Magnuson Fotinos Sat 6 Apr 2019 5:47PM

Btw, the issue was actualy adressed last sunday after the meeting i showed the mats to jape and said we will need a solution for theese.
One idea was to tile the whole floor in the node room cut and place them well. That will make the room much larger. Extra mats was an idea to store them under a stage that we might plan to build in inner room (or buy proffesional stage we actualy got an offer for buying some second hand) but the issue will be disscussed we also need to get in contact with all workshops and se to their needs before taking decissions. But it is our priority to sort out stuff that takes upp space. We might ofc end up selling some but it is quite early to decide now as many parts are not in place yet.