Wed 21 Mar 2018 7:20PM

Local group support grants

CT Claire Thomas Public Seen by 25

Best for Britain are offering us some money!
Best for Britain are delighted that following our hugely successful crowdfunder we are able to offer the opportunity for local groups to submit applications for grants to support them in their local campaigning.
We are looking to offer grants of £500 to local groups though we will consider applications for up to £1,000 in exceptional circumstances. Applications for this round of funding close at 5pm on Tuesday 17th April.
We will consider grants for all kinds of events, activities and exercises and are keen to hear from groups of all sizes from across the Country. So if you have a brilliant idea to run an event to help stop Brexit in your area please fill out an application form and return it by the deadline.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch, and make sure that your application is submitted by email no later than 5pm on Tuesday 17th April.
Please find the application form and the guide on how to apply.


Claire Thomas Wed 21 Mar 2018 7:21PM

Please post ideas for events/activities we could claim for.


Ruth Malloy Wed 21 Mar 2018 9:46PM

Could we request some funds to help pay for venue hire, ie. town halls in North-East Somerset where we plan to hold the Leave2Remain meetings?


Claire Thomas Wed 21 Mar 2018 9:48PM

We have just been talking about that! Agree.


Alan Richard Champneys Thu 22 Mar 2018 1:21PM

I completely agree. I would be happy to help write the application. Writing grant proposals is a big part of my day job.


Claire Thomas Sun 25 Mar 2018 11:08AM

Thanks Alan. In light of the looming deadline (17 April), please could you put a proposal together for the town meeting initiative for comment?


Claire Thomas Sun 25 Mar 2018 11:18AM

Following on from above, there is an application form and guidance notes in the link in the synopsis above. There are some fairly specific criteria to meet. I think we should all compile some questions to ask - eg do we need to promote this as a Best for Britain event?


Ruth Malloy Sun 25 Mar 2018 1:08PM

I think Best for Britain would like that idea, Claire. Maybe they'll suggest to other groups that they also set up 'town hall' meetings in predominantly Leave-voting areas? it would provide a more cohesive image than Bath for Europe/Leave2Remain on its own. Maybe 'Bath for Europe (Leave2Remain) in collaboration with Best for Britain'?