Wed 5 Apr 2017 3:42PM

Score Runoff Voting -- Example?

WW William WAUGH Public Seen by 460

Has anyone found or constructed an example fake election in which Score Runoff Voting produces a different winner than plain Score Voting does?


Clay Shentrup Wed 5 Apr 2017 4:00PM

Bob: x5 y4
Alice: x5 y4
Eve: y5 x0

X=10, Y=13

SRV elects X


Aaron Wolf Wed 5 Apr 2017 4:40PM

Clay, your example is described wrongly. X=10 Y=13. SRV elects X while Score elects Y.


William WAUGH Thu 26 Oct 2017 2:17PM

Clay Shentrup's example https://www.loomio.org/d/wHcaViF6/score-runoff-voting-example-?from=1 isn't strategic for Score voters as his Bob and Alice haven't used their full range. Can anyone think of a realistic example with strategic voters where plain Score and SRV give different results?


Sara Wolf Mon 30 Oct 2017 6:09PM

If the race was close but one candidate Felix had received a lot of 4s from a very broad group of voters and also gotten mid range scores from most other people, and another candidate Dominic had received a lot of 5's from his supporters but mostly zeros from other people, Score Runoff Voting (now generally called STAR Voting, Score-Then-Automatic-Runoff) would often elect Felix. Felix had received high enough scores to make it to the runoff, but less than Dominic. On the other hand Dominic was seen as a nicer guy and was preferred by more people. More voters would be happier with Dominic in charge so this is a better outcome for the electorate as a whole.
STAR Voting prefers a candidate with a strong coalition over one with a strong core.

Someone else can probably create you en example with numbers. That's not my strong-suit.