Tue 17 May 2016 10:06PM

Is any form of Chat in the Works?

IS Ivor Stodolsky Public Seen by 67

Deleted User Tue 31 May 2016 10:35AM

Chat is already running on joindiapora.com

perhaps as a way to integrate this with other services

https://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/news.r.html seems to fit part the gap here or could be used to glue things together, again we need a solid diaspora API, which I understand is being worked on.

As it is also GPL and free software we can use that as we wish. If we can tap in to existing tools / solutions it may make less work for the developers.


Flaburgan Wed 1 Jun 2016 9:55AM

@augier actually, Vines has been dropped. Prosody is now the new default in the develop branch.

So, to summarize:
- Yes, there is a chat feature in diaspora*, available even in the stable branch
- No, it is not considered as stable yet and there is still work to do
- Yes, you can activate it if you're a podmin, or ask your podmin to do so. But we still do not recommend to activate it at the moment, as it is definitely not stable
- You can follow progress about the chat feature on the JSXC fork by diaspora*