Do some African leaders at UNGA understand the SDGs and the Process?

MO Michael Owino Public Seen by 303

The past week has been very instrumental in the work we the CSOs have done in the last 3 years. Congrats to everyone involved.
However, today, Kenyan top newspaper reported a rather peculiar news item on SDGS.
It reads, "after a few pleasantries, an MP speaking to Nation remarked casually: “We have come here to make sure that the goals are reduced as they are too many.”


Isn't this absurd. Negotiations ended around June! It would be interesting to see how the governments in Africa, custodians of SDGs, specifically the MPs will influence implementation of the SDGs with focus on resource allocation.
The Kenyan case imply that;
1. maybe we the CSOs did not reach out to the MPs more often
2. We have a lot of work to do in advocacy and awareness.

We at Organization of Africa Youth (OAY) are ready to do this.
Mike, Country Coordinator, OAY


DOSSE SOSSOUGA Sun 27 Sep 2015 2:37PM

You Know, Some of them do not understand but the can do nothing. They must agree. But agreement is an obligation to respect. They don't have any agenda for the future. They are obliged.