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I received 350€ via the P2P Foundation for my technical contribution to the ECA website http://europeancommonsassembly.eu
As a result, I wonder how the budget of the assembly is managed.
* How / by whom was the 2016 event financed?
* How was the money distributed?
* Is there a residue left?
* How will future actions be financed?
I searched in the hackpad but I didn't find any budget online.


Nicole Leonard Sun 2 Apr 2017 11:51AM

Hi Maïa,

It's true that we repeated multiple times that we would publish the budget back in November and it never happened. I am going to try and get that out ASAP now.

As for the budget moving forward, the same group that organized the November Assembly is trying to think about the best way to open up questions of finance for the assembly. We are talking about this tomorrow and will come with a proposal for the wider group. Apologies for how slow it's been.

I personally think it's a good idea to try to organize a group for the ECA that is dedicated to funding. This overlaps with the conversation that took place in Brussels on November 17 led by @rubyvanderwekken along with some others: https://europeancommonsassembly.hackpad.com/Financing-the-Commons#Financing-the-Commons .

I hoped that these financial questions were going to be part of the Governance and Organizing group. While we are doing well with having regular calls every 2 weeks or so, we haven't really succeeded to get a solid broader group of participants together and on the same page. So we keep falling back on the original organizers of Nov 16, which isn't as democratic as we'd like it to be. I'm hoping after our conversation tomorrow we will have a clearer picture, and then we can focus on funding in the next Governance and Organizing Call, probably this Wednesday April 5.

Hope this helps.


Nicole Leonard Tue 4 Apr 2017 7:52AM

Here is the budget.


Maïa Dereva Tue 4 Apr 2017 1:22PM

Thanks a lot for this perfect answer @nicoleleonard ! :thumbsup: :smiley:


Nicole Leonard Fri 21 Jul 2017 10:49AM

With @fredericsultan and @gaelle11 we consider to do a session on funding strategies for the ECA in Villarceaux in OCtober. Just wanted to bring it up here so we can keep talking.