Sun 11 Feb 2018 4:56PM

Organising Pulse 4 March - half-marathon theme

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Claire Thomas Sun 11 Feb 2018 5:09PM

I know Misha was going to set this thread up but I wanted to get the course map on here. I know it will be problematic with traffic and crowds generally, so perhaps this Pulse should be about Bath for Europe just making its presence seen and heard. On the attached map there are little red boxes showing 'recommended viewing and entertainment points'. Maybe we could be some unofficial entertainment at one of these locations?


Alan Richard Champneys Sun 11 Feb 2018 6:37PM

We live on the route - Newbridge Road. We usually have friends round and have a bit of a party. Quite happy to have several B4E people round at ours, but perhaps not the whole “Pulse”.
Several things I thought of. 1. Flag bombing the route. 2. Having stickers or berets or something to give out to runners who support remain ( e.g groups of volunteers near the start) 3. Have a Facebook campaign encouraging runners to download or sign up for a badge/sticker/beret or whatever (pledge to run in the beret and we will send you one for free). 4. Have a simple sign like “thumbs up if you love the EU” place 4 or 5 groups at strategic points with the banner and lots of flags, then cheer everyone who gives the thumbs up.


Jane Riekemann Mon 12 Feb 2018 7:24AM

That’s a great idea Alan. We usually watch from the bottom of Rosslyn Road. Most of it’s over before Pulse.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Mon 12 Feb 2018 8:15AM

I like Alan’s ideas of taking advantage of the marathon event to promote the cause.


Sally Long Mon 12 Feb 2018 11:39AM

Liking the ideas. My own concern that we might get accused of highjacking the half marathon for political purposes and receive some sort of backlash. Whatever we do will need to be handled sensitively.


Ruth Malloy Mon 12 Feb 2018 2:38PM

Bath berets and EU scarves are one thing, but I'm not sure that anything with 'Bath for Europe' or pro-EU/anti-Brexit slogans on it would be (officially) allowed.


Claire Thomas Tue 13 Feb 2018 9:11PM

What about a cheesy cheerleader routine? Blue and yellow pompoms etc and just being really positive about Bath? It would be silly but might make people laugh in which case it would be difficult for anyone to take offence. Maybe we could get Boris to dress up and do the routine too?


Claire Thomas Sat 17 Feb 2018 6:33PM

Alan, Alison and I were discussing today on way to Trowbridge. We suggest two stations on the route during the run - one near Alan's house in Newbridge (which he will organise) and one maybe in Widcombe. Any volunteers to organise that one? We can then have our regular Pulse at 2pm in Abbey Churchyard just in case people turn up expecting something. Lucy - would you be able to help me organise this part? I should be finished running by 2pm so am happy to attend this. I will also try to drop by each station - maybe for a quick photo? - during the race.


Claire Thomas Fri 23 Feb 2018 10:20PM

Can I have an idea of who might be available to come to Abbey Churchyard at 2pm? I'll look a bit sad on my own - still in my sweaty PE kit! Any ideas or volunteers for speakers? I can speak - might do 'one great thing about EU for each mile of the half-marathon'. Anyone fancy dressing up as the 118 118 men? Not sure quite what to do with this but there must be some EU fun there.


Tony Ambrose Sat 24 Feb 2018 2:03PM

After a discussion at the stall today, here's a suggestion. Yes to a meetup at the abbey if we decide to do that, though numbers may be small, but a bigger yes to flag bombing the start and/or more likely the finish of the marathon when the winners come in. It would need 10 to 20 of us with flags plus leafletteers. We would need to contact supporters to tell them to meet at a set point and time to collect and hold up a flag, maybe we supply some bamboos and we would need to get the flags from Mark's the night before. We may get on the TV if we stand in the right place near the finishing line. Timings woudl be approx 11 to start and noon to finish. Probably do either start or finish. There was a slight preference for the finish due to greater chance of publicity, and less likelihood of overwhelming crowds. Happy to coordinate, but need agreement first as to what we do.


Ruth Malloy Sat 24 Feb 2018 4:03PM

Email from PULSE OF EUROPE, re. PoE on 25th February 2018
SPECIAL FOCUS ON ITALY which has national elections on Sunday, 4th March


Ja, es wird kalt, aber fast überall wird die Sonne scheinen. Sonnencreme und lange Unterhosen und dann raus auf die Piazza, liebe Pulsgeberinnen und Pulsgeber, denn das ist molto importante! Wir wollen durch unsere Fotos und Pressemeldungen eine Woche vor der Wahl gesehen werden in Italien. Darum benötigen wir für unsere Sonderaktionen am Sonntag wirklich viele Menschen auf den Straßen, so dass unser Standort in Rom europäischen Rückenwind bekommt:

Aschaffenburg, Theaterplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr unter dem Motto „Bella Europa“

Baden-Baden, Stiftskirche, 25.2. um 11:30 Uhr: Ansprache des Vereinsvorsitzenden Daniel Röder

Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Bremen, Marktplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr: Poetry Slam zu Europa und Chorgesang

Darmstadt, Karolinenplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Dresden, Neumarkt (Frauenkirche) am ersten Geburtstag des Standorts, 3.3. um 14 Uhr: canzoni italiani mit der Kapelle Aballaro

Düsseldorf, Burgplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Frankfurt am Main, Goetheplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr: Demonstrationszug durch die Innenstadt zu Orten italienischen Kulturschaffens

Gütersloh, Theodor-Heuss-Platz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr unter Beteiligung des Standorts Bielefeld

Hamburg, Rathausmarkt, 25.2. um 14 Uhr: Umzug zum Gänsemarkt und zurück

Kassel, Königsplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Köln, Roncalliplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr: Demonstrationszug unter Beteiligung von PoE Aachen, Koblenz und mehrerer Ruhrgebietsstädte

Lissabon, Praça da Figueira, 25.2. um 15 Uhr

Nizza, Place Massena, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Rom, Piazza di Madonna di Loretto, 25.2. um 17 Uhr

Rosenheim, Salinplatz, 3.3. um 14 Uhr: Frühlingsdemo

Stuttgart, Schlossplatz, 25.2. um 14 Uhr

Trier, Europäische Kunstakademie in der Aachener Str. 63, 25.2. um 11:30 Uhr: „Heimat Europa?! Gelebte Vielfalt in neuen Erzählungen"

Essen, München, Offenburg und Worms haben schon vorab demonstriert, Brüssel und Warschau werden am Sonntag wohl auch dabei sein. Näheres auch auf Facebook und Twitter. Zieht die dicksten Handschuhe und Mützen an und feiert mit uns ein europäisches Italien. DANKE.

Let's be the Pulse of Europe!

Question: Should we make any reference to Italy?


Ruth Malloy Sat 24 Feb 2018 4:07PM

ALTERNATIVELY, do we want to collaborate with the PULSE OF EUROPE group in SALZBURG? They have already had one PoE in our honour, ie. appealing to the UK to remain in the EU. @tonyambrose Have you been in touch?


We've had the following message via the Facebook page from someone from Pulse of Europe Salzburg. He's been in contact before and I think Tony was going to contact him..?


fellow PoE Activists, It would be fantastic if we would get in contact. We had a very successful „UK - WELCOME TO STAY performance at the market place in Salzburg Austria in February and will have the topic Re-Brexit again in our next Sunday meeting March 4 in Salzburg. It would be great if we could discuss a possible cooperation and orchestrated activity. I‘m looking forward to your contact per email or simply give me a call 00436764002473. Best regards Michael Elling, PoE Salzburg

Even if our March PoE has a Bath Half-Marathon theme, we could ask to do something with the SALZURG group later on in the year. I think it's really supportive of them to get in touch with us; we're going to need friends in Austria, whatever happens!


Claire Thomas Sun 25 Feb 2018 11:05AM

I am meeting Lucy from events group today to discuss our plans. With so many people being away, it has been left to me and Lucy to lead. Tony, your plan is great but a maybe a bit ambitious seeing as we only have a week to go and we do have a plan already as noted above. That said I will go through this with Lucy and see how we could accommodate your idea in some way. Will get back to you later today hopefully.
Ruth - we talked about collaboration with other countries at the BfE national meeting yesterday - definitely one for future pulses.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Mon 26 Feb 2018 8:48AM

Claire and I met to talk about which of the suggested activities BfE should generate for the half marathon based on feedback we’ve had to date. How about the following 4 ACTIVITIES that people could join depending what time they have:

Encourage people to wear their beret wherever they watch the Bath half marathon - media to promote.
Wave EU and UK flags as near to the start and finish of the Bath half marathon as possible. Tony to lead
Gather at Alan’s house to cheer people along - is this ok with you Alan?

THE PULSE - as usual - starting at the Abbey Churchyard
Gather at 1.45pm for 2.00pm kick off with speakers and a march if we have enough people. Please could you let us know if you are happy to speak/ act / sing / lead the march / select the route.
Once we agree, I will write some text to go in an email to supporters early next week if possible.
Please can we have YOUR comments…


Tony Ambrose Mon 26 Feb 2018 9:23AM

I would be sensitive about a march in the city centre. Likely to be lots of unpredictables causing potential bottlenecks and friction. Better to have static presence(S) whether at the abbey, or, my preference on the route of the marathon, perhaps at Alan's house as he can easily organise that (!) and at the finishing area so we are highly visible and may get picked up by the media.


Ruth Malloy Mon 26 Feb 2018 9:41AM

I think Queen Square would be another good (central) spot for cheering Claire on. It's also very close to Marcom, if we wanted to bring out more flags. I'm not convinced that our normal PoE at 2pm is going to work, coming straight after the BHM. Wouldn't it be simpler to ask everyone to congregate at one of the above-mentioned points: Starting/finishing line (near Pulteney Street?), Alan's house in Newbridge, and Queen Square? We also discussed having a BfE 'crowd' at Widcombe, but perhaps people living near there could be persuaded to go to the starting/finishing line instead (so as not to spread ourselves too thinly)?


Jane Riekemann Mon 26 Feb 2018 10:50AM

Not a fan of Queen’s Square as it’s such a crush. You can’t see anything and nobody will see you.


Alan Richard Champneys Mon 26 Feb 2018 1:46PM

All sounds good to me. 1) my house 189 Newbridge Road BA1 3HH and 2) near start/finish. Then a 3) pulse in the usual place with speakers and leaflets but no march. Not sure I will come to the pulse though as we usually have quite a few guests, and not sure I will be able to walk into city for 1.45. People welcome at ours from 10.30. Race usually comes past from 11.15-13.00ish. We usually provide tea/coffee/something stronger and sausage sandwiches.



Claire Thomas Mon 26 Feb 2018 10:14PM

Sounds like Lucy's plan is what we're going with. We decided to do the afternoon Pulse purely because people might turn up expecting it and we don't have much time to let people know if it changes. I am happy to do a short speech related to the half-marathon. Also OK to leave off the march. It was optional anyway as it would depend on numbers. I'll leave Lucy to write up the details to go into the e-newsletter. Can we have two more speakers?


Lucy Scott-Ashe Tue 27 Feb 2018 12:55PM

Here's a 1st draft for the events for Sunday Bath Half Marathon. Not sure how you usually do this as haven't seen previous PULSE publicity so would welcome strapline and comments etc. Speakers still needed. Hope we can add any other details and finalise tonight at the Events mtg.

HERES HOW you can watch the BATH HALF and support REMAIN

WAVE THE FLAGS : Euro flags for waving available from 10.00am at the START and FINISHing line 12.00pm in Gt Pulteney St.

WATCH THE RUNNERS with a ringside view from Alan Champney’s house 189 Newbridge Road BA1 3HH and eat sausage sandwiches. The Euro flags will be flying!

Congregate in the ABBEY COURTYARD for speeches and ?

Wear your Euro gear - hats, scarves, bracelets from wherever you watch the Bath half. Show that the tide of public opinion is changing.


Alice Hovanessian Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:09PM

That explains it very well, thanks Lucy. Perhaps include a suggestion that anyone who is running might consider wearing an EU flag as a badge or beret to show their solidarity?

As a vegetarian I would be grateful if you didn't mention the sausage sandwiches, as I am sure others could be put off by it!


Sally Long Tue 27 Feb 2018 3:00PM

Will update the Facebook event, which has been left with "details tba". Presumably Alan doesn't want his house to be included as part of the public event.


Ruth Malloy Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:30PM

Can we get an idea of numbers? How many of us (on Loomio) are planning to go to Alan's house in Newbridge (11:00 onwards), and how many to Great Pulteney Street (at 10:00 and/or 12:00)? And then how many are planning to hang about until (or turn up for) the actual Pulse of Europe?
@alicehovanessian You will have the keys to Marcom, so will you meet Tony (and ?) there on Sunday morning, to get out the flags on poles (and folded up ones)?
I was thinking of joining Alan and family, and then fighting my way along to the city centre in time for the PoE gathering at Bath Abbey.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:35PM

I can attend all the events and help pick up flags as necessary. Will make yr suggested amendments to publicity and bring paper copies this evening for people to comment on.


Linda Graham Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:39PM

I'm afraid I'm otherwise engaged this time.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Tue 27 Feb 2018 7:59PM

At the Events Committee this evening we revised the plans for the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday.

For the attention of the MEDIA GROUP. Please can the following publicity for go out as soon as possible:


Meet at the Holburne Museum Gates at 10.45am.
Wear your berets, scarves, bracelets. Show that the tide of public opinion is changing.
Wrap up warm!

IF YOU’RE A RUNNER consider wearing a beret, a badge or a flag to show solidarity!

OR WHEREVER YOU’RE WATCHING wear your Euro gear.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Tue 27 Feb 2018 8:07PM

This text needs to go out as a tweet, on Facebook and in the newsletter.


Ruth Malloy Wed 28 Feb 2018 12:15PM

And on our website!


Claire Thomas Tue 27 Feb 2018 8:22PM

Fine by me - I'll be glad to get home and in the bath!


Jane Riekemann Tue 27 Feb 2018 10:18PM

We usually send out a press release though they never publish anything before the event - often they do a live FB, This time they won’t as they’ll be focused on the runners. I’ll tweet an abbreviated version of Lucy’s Text - in 280 characters. Better to publish on FB page.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Tue 27 Feb 2018 11:15PM

At the Events Committee meeting we also thought it unwise to advertise Alan’s event on the media.


Alice Hovanessian Tue 27 Feb 2018 11:33PM

Yes, the events group recommend that we keep it simple this time and move Pulse to 10:45am (until around 12ish) at the start/finish line near the Holburne - hopefully we will be able to use their bathroom and cafe while waiting! Some of the team may then go to Alan's, but we definitely shouldn't publish Alan's address - or Alan may be getting a few thousand guests! We won't be having an afternoon Pulse event this time, as it will be very tiring for everyone, and the focus is on the marathon and runners. For the same reason we won't take flags and banners this time, just turn up in berets. Thanks so much for the text Lucy, will include it with the next newsletter asap.


Ruth Malloy Wed 28 Feb 2018 12:22PM

Alice, please will you also include this reminder in the e-newsletter:

"You are very warmly invited to our first OUTREACH GROUP MEETING on Monday, 5th March (18:00-19:30) at the Ram, Widcombe. Please come and contribute your ideas; the clock is ticking and we need to reach as many people as possible with our positive message of hope: Remaining in the European Union is still an option ... if enough of us demand it!"


Alice Hovanessian Wed 28 Feb 2018 12:30PM

Will do - we need to prioritise Sunday's Pulse, Michael Dougan and the SW march in Exeter, will include this but we can't include anything else in this issue so it's not too long.


Alan Richard Champneys Wed 28 Feb 2018 5:18AM

All sounds good to me. The more the merrier at ours but tens rather than hundreds. Perhaps message me if you are definitely coming.


Sally Long Wed 28 Feb 2018 11:37AM

Just about to sort the Facebook page. Just to clarify - there is nothing at 2pm this time.


Alice Hovanessian Wed 28 Feb 2018 12:27PM

Yes that's right, thanks Sally. Please mention there is NO meeting at 2pm at the Abbey this time.


Sally Long Wed 28 Feb 2018 1:11PM

Thanks Alice. Just didn't want to put out the wrong info.


Alice Hovanessian Fri 2 Mar 2018 3:43PM

Olivia just pointed out that the Bath Half has been cancelled due to the weather: http://bathhalf.co.uk/2018/02/cold-weather-alert/

We need to let everyone know that our Special Bath Half Pulse is not going to happen as planned. Shall we cancel, or meet at the usual time of 2pm at the Abbey for the usual speeches? At the moment sunny spells with light rain is forecast (which should melt the snow), max 6 degrees. If we go ahead, shall we have a static rally? If so, we need speakers/musicians/singers. All suggestions welcome.


Lucy Scott-Ashe Fri 2 Mar 2018 4:13PM

My only concern with holding the pulse is that while loyal supporters might turn out the centre of Bath may be deserted if it is still snowy/slushy as I think it is likely to be.


Linda Graham Fri 2 Mar 2018 4:21PM

Hi Alice,

Could we let everyone know the half marathon and our special theme is off
but we’ll make a final decision about the Abbey 2pm depending on the forecast on



Linda Graham Fri 2 Mar 2018 4:35PM

On second thoughts I would cancel Pulse for clarity. The snow will not all
have melted by then and the town might be pretty deserted. It’s still snowing up
here in Combe Down and will be worse in the outlying districts with drifting
snow..Public transport will probably still be disrupted. The “hard core” might
just choose turn up at the Abbey with flags and leaflets as a presence. No
speeches, no march.

Linda x


Alice Hovanessian Fri 2 Mar 2018 6:02PM

Good point, as Loomio isn't working a few of us have discussed it by email and phone and decided to cancel both Pulse on Sunday and the street stalls tomorrow. Ruth will send out the email about the street stalls, and I will ask Gareth if he can email our members about Sunday's Pulse.


Alice Hovanessian Fri 2 Mar 2018 6:02PM

Good point, as Loomio isn't working a few of us have discussed it by email and phone and decided to cancel both Pulse on Sunday and the street stalls tomorrow. Ruth will send out the email about the street stalls, and I will ask Gareth if he can email our members about Sunday's Pulse.


Claire Thomas Sat 3 Mar 2018 1:50PM

I am going to run the half-marathon anyway tomorrow. A group of us from my work are going to run the route unofficially, starting from Laura Place at 9.30am and probably getting back around 11.45 - 12pm to Laura Place again. I will be wearing my beret and T-shirt. Ruth has indicated that she might be able to be at the finish with some flags so if anyone else would like to join her, that would be great. Just a bit of publicity - take a few photos etc.


Ruth Malloy Sat 3 Mar 2018 2:23PM

I haven't got any flags with me (and Alice has the keys to Marcom), but I'll wear my beret and scarf.