Fri 4 May 2018 10:32PM


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As more folks join in here this thread is to introduce yourself to teveryone, share your intrest in the food world and even list skills you can bring to the table so folks can reach out!


Jayco Mon 7 May 2018 2:19PM

Hi! My name is Julia and I consume food on a daily basis. I am here to support local food producers and distributors. I keep a garden and am happy to share or trade what I grow this summer. I work in education and technology, so I am excited to learn more about our local food scene from all of you!


Matthew Cropp Mon 7 May 2018 2:43PM

Hi folks, I'm Matt Cropp. I live in the NNE of Burlington pretty close to Ren's new digs, and work for my day-job at the Vermont Employee Ownership Center.

I'm very interested in co-ops in general, and am involved locally in Full Barrel, which is working to establish a co-op brewpub, and the Vermont Solidarity Investing Club, which is a group into which members invest between $20 and $200 per month and then democratically direct those funds into investments in co-ops. I'm also a founding member of social.coop, which is a user-controlled Mastodon instance, and am generally excited by the idea of platform co-ops... :)


Patrick Ford Thu 11 Oct 2018 2:14PM

Hey everyone, I'm Pat Ford and I was lured into a meeting last Thursday by Ren's media activism and had a compelling conversation with Ren and Julie and they recruited me onto Food Fight. I have been curios about co-ops and struggled to organized a co-op shop space after I graduated from Vermont Woodworking School threw a degree program at Burlington College (R.I.P.). I have since worked as facilities manager, designer, woodworker, masa maker at a commercial kitchen, food cart cook and farm field-hand and have acquired a mixed skill set. I was impressed by Ren's initiative and I would like to contribute.
Although I come from relative privileged (white, middle class cis-male with two bachelors degrees) I have always identified as a worker preferring to use my hands and body to contribute, unfortunately, in our current systems this segregates you from intellectually contributing as well. I hope that when organized workers have an ownership stake in a venture they can be empowered to take active role in management and design to evolve innovation, production and discover a culture of quality, safety and diversity.

Loomio and open collective feel like really powerful administrative tool but I would like to explore some of the working practices. Ren are you the type of person and that enjoys talking while working or are you a solitary introverted worker? I enjoy BIG talk while keeping my hands focused and I was wondering if you would be interested in hosting a skill-share to keep the conversation going and make something as well. My work is shifting with the seasons from farming to woodworking so I have a flexible schedule from Wed-Fri.