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Tools of Collaboration - Digital infrastructure

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This is a post-conference thread following Open2020 - for ongoing reflections on common infrastructure for the communities and organisations that are building the new economy. The focus in this thread is the selection of tools, to assemble a commoned 'kit' of digital means,

The conference discusssion was framed by two perspectives:


Mofwoofoo Thu 1 Jul 2021 3:38PM

Hola, seems the cloud link is not functioning. We are 2 people who since March, 2020 have been hiring teams of developers and coders to carry out our plans to make a gigantic network of networks with the most advanced tools for collaboration and organizing on all scales. We are self funded until we have more of substance to show. We may still need another year before launch. Would anyone here be interested in collaborating with us? utopiacornucopia.org, [email protected]


Danyl Strype Sun 4 Jul 2021 3:40AM

Sounds great, but have you studied some of the other projects that have tried to do this since the late 90s and figured out what makes your effort distinct, and how you'll avoid the various ways other attempts have failed?


Mofwoofoo Sat 7 Aug 2021 3:14AM

No, I haven't. It could be that the technology wasn't available until recently.


Gary Alexander Sat 7 Aug 2021 10:02AM

Hi Mofwoofoo, Your vision sounds lovely. After a quick look at your website, I can see that it overlaps strongly with mine, and various other projects I am associated with. See my website, (https://earthconnected.net/) for more about me and some recent projects and papers. For a recent project of mine that really digs deeply into the social vision and tries to use that to build a collaboration platform that builds on the newest technology (the distributed internet, particularly Holo (https://holo.host/) see https://earthconnected.files.wordpress.com/2019/09/planetmakers-eu-prize-application.3.pdf. If you are interested, we could have a Zoom or BigBlueButton conversation to compare notes. There are lots of projects that are similar that I could point you to, starting with Open2020 that Mike H started this thread with.


Mofwoofoo Mon 9 Aug 2021 1:57AM

Hola Gary, thanks for your message. We, my colleague, Maria Mac Andrew ([email protected] [email protected])would love to zoom with you asap. Is monday ok? We are on ecuador time. Around noon ecuador time would work for me. Let me know what works for you and I will send to Maria. [email protected]


Wes Hinckes Thu 12 Aug 2021 9:40AM

Hi Gary,

I'm working in a similar space and we may have a few things in common.

I've sent an email to your Gmail address but it could have landed in your spam! :)

Kind regards,