Welcome to the Memex Beta Tester Community. Please Introduce yourself!

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Hey folks,
thank you all for your interest to join the Memex Beta Tester Community.
We can't wait to work with you on making Memex the more useful for you and the world.
We can't be grateful enough for your time here.
For a starter, let us know a few word about you and your background.
1. What is your story?
2. Why do you use Memex?
3. What is the most important feature for you?
4. Tell us one feature that would make Memex 10x better for you?

:wave: Please keep in mind to only share information you feel comfortable with being public because the discussions here will be accessible by the outside world.


Oliver Sauter Mon 16 Sep 2019 1:43PM

What is your story?

Hey I am Oliver and I started this project/company with the goal of building a scalable solution to online misinformation and polarisation. (worldbrain.io/vision)
In the process I discovered that the problem is the way we organise, share and process information as individuals and communities.

The key insight to creating Memex, and its utility for the larger vision, came when I was stumbling over my own frustration with not being able to find things again and the drawbacks experienced with other annotation tools.

I myself am not the most structured person when it comes to organising information. I was/am a really bad at bookmarking or taking notes because I couldn't keep track of the mess of information scattered across silos and the copy-paste work involved to keep track of everything. So I was not doing any organisation after a while.

The first Memex, back then called "Research-Engine" I stitched together from a tool called "Falcon" and copy-pasting things from Stockoverflow 馃.
I learnt to code in order to build it, to find first users and show other people my vision of such a tool. Then I found my first collaborators Jon, Gerben and Vincent who helped me to rebuild the whole crappy code from scratch. 馃檹

Why do you use Memex?

I use Memex because I don't have to worry anymore of not finding things again I think were valuable and interesting. I also use it to do customer/market research and to save articles for later reading and making notes on them.

What is the most important feature for you?

Full-Text search

A feature that would make Memex 10x better?

Being able to share collections & to search in other people's shared collections and to see their annotations.


Allegra Thu 19 Sep 2019 3:07PM

What is your story?

I鈥檓 Allegra and I'm part of the Memex team.
I see myself as a digital activist thinking about how to foster social change through technology. In the last years I have been thinking about how to counteract misinformation and how to enable good quality information in a healthy online environment. I believe that opening up knowledge is part of the solution we currently need.
This is one of the reasons why I am enthusiastic about Memex. As part of Memex my goal is to grow a community of people who share our vision and to empower users in all steps necessary for the creation and curation of good-quality information.

Why do you use Memex?

I love diving from one topic to the other. I use Memex because it helps me to stay organized and not to loose important information while I'm wondering through the web.

What is the most important feature for you?

Hard to say but I love sharing links with highlights

A feature that would make Memex 10x better?

Sharing links with multiple highlights and comments.