URGENT: Submission on NZ climate change policy

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The government asks for submissions regarding their stance on the climate change conference in Paris in December. Dead line for the submission is the 2nd of June.

See this for more information and a discussion document of the government:

In short: The govt proposes to offer a reduction of emissions until 2030 to the level of 5% below the levels of 1990. This is while for example Europe aims at an agreement at 40% below 1990. Thus green NZ is trying to pull the hand brake on the worlds effort to reduce the impact of global warming. This is completely failing the requirements and a crude example of denial of reality.
NZ may not be able to reduce our own emissions to a high degree due to the fact that half our emissions are from the agricultural sector. But we have to demand the highest agreeable targets and support them if need be by buying emission certificates to offset our own emissions and help reducing the emissions where it is easier and less costly than in NZ. This only makes sense on top of respectable efforts in our own country.
Long term we have to aim at no less than carbon neutrality and our current policies have to reflect this.

I am particularly worried about the governments attempt to establish a global target of global warming at below 2 degrees. Until now all conferences have been aiming at not allowing temperature to rise above 1.5 degrees as 2 degrees is the marker for a clearly catastrophic outcome that many nations will definitely not be able to cope with.
This is another terrifying example of denial by the current government that must be opposed to not loose all reputation.

Following the procedure Ben has established, I have prepared a PiratePad with the question asked and my suggestions for a possible response. Please feel free to edit or delete my suggestions (changes are versioned anyway) and add your suggestions when you are certain about your stance. Discussing the matter beforehand would probably be better done in this loomio thread rather than in the text itself.

The pirate pad with the submission text is here:


On a private note: I have been absent from all discussions for the last couple of weeks due to extreme crunch time at work. I should be 'back' in a week or two. Sorry for that.


Danyl Strype Wed 27 May 2015 6:38AM

Thanks for raising this @hubatmcjuhes . I have made a personal representation on this in response to an email from friends in the Greens, but I think it would be great to make a formal Pirate statement (assuming we can find consensus on a position within the timeframe).