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General introduction and background.


Hans Speijer Sun 8 Jan 2017 12:28AM

Thanks Fabrice for inviting me to join your very cool project! Fabrice and myself have already had several chats on facebook but I don't know who else is involved and you probably don't know me. So, a short intro,

I started going to burning man in 2004 after having read an article in Wired magazine. I was totally blown away and it was a life changing experience for me. I started going with an organisation called 'Green Tortoise' which basically runs a camp site on the playa. I had no clue what burning man was about but I knew I had to come back. So I went again with Green Tortoise in 2005.

At that time it started to dawn on me that there was method to the madness and that it was pretty amazing that burning man is created by and for the people. I figured that if you want to truly get the full experience that you need to join a camp (I did not really know yet about DPW, the Temple builders or other year round groups). I joined Destiny Lounge from Los Angelos in 2009 and helped build and tear down the camp, at that time Destiny Lounge was an esplanade camp. This is when I got hooked to early access tickets. In 2011 I started collaborating on an interactive installation called the Oracle (https://www.facebook.com/theoracleburningman/) with other people in our camp. Went again in 2012 and 2015 but the Oracle was not revived until I rebuilt it from scratch for AfrikaBurn 2016 and the first dutch burn (Where the Sheep Sleep).

Anyway, that's my burner credentials ;-)

For skills I could bring to the project I just like to make a simple list (in no particular order):
- Arduino Programming
- Electronics
- 3D modelling
- 3D printing
- Embedded hardware with Linux
- Low level software system engineering
- Web programming and general IT skills
- Kinect programming (participated in Kinect hackaton making a music instrument of the human bodyfeeding in Ableton Live)

I am a software engineer by trade.

As for my motivation, Spektrum Delight is cool! I love light installations and I really like to play with interactive art installs, I had a blast making and presenting the Oracle at burn events and I make myself and my knowledge and skills available for this project.


ROZIER FABRICE Mon 9 Jan 2017 8:41AM

I was an IT Project Manager for 15 years, in Paris, working in the Procurement area. I was helping international companies to implement some procurement supply chain applications, in order to cover the Sourcing, Contract, Orders, Receipts, Invoices, and Payments... I am not technical at all, my skills are more around "business analyses" and project management of the implementation and international deployment.

It was challenging, I learned a lot, but I wasn't happy. So I did quite my job in January 2016.

For the moment, I don't really now where I am going, but for sure I want to achieve this project. This a dream. This is the opportunity to meet some great Burner people who also want to be involved in some numeric art projects.

My skills are :

  • Project management
  • Team coordination
  • IT implementation and deployment
  • Business development

I am doing this because Burning Man is a real source of inspiration. I want to do this for the citizens who will experience something amazing and to give the opportunity to everyone to become an artist for couple of minutes.

Fabrice / Tsunami


Scott Ridout Wed 11 Jan 2017 7:52AM

Hey everyone! I am very stoked to be involved with this project! Last year (2016) was my first burn and I met Fabrice while camping with Space Virgins. Now that my virgin year is behind me, I want to participate and contribute as much as possible! I have long term ambitions to lead my own art project, but for now I just want to gain experience. I asked Fabrice how I can help with Spektrum Delight and he asked me to look over the BM arts grant application (I am a native English speaker and polyglot - Arabic, Deutsch, Espanol)

I am from San Diego, CA and I love surfing, camping, music, and festivals. For passion, i volunteer with a nonprofit organization, Surfrider, that focuses on protecting our oceans, waves, and beaches. For capitalism, I have worked in digital marketing for over two years (PPC, SEO, Social, etc..).

I have an international MBA with a focus on marketing so i have similar skills to fabrice (project management, business development, etc..). For this project, my most relevant skills include:

  • application writing/editing
  • logistics to and from USA
  • assembly (long history working with tools - bikes, cars, etc..)

Looking forward to collaborating with all of you beautiful people!


ROZIER FABRICE Wed 11 Jan 2017 2:17PM

Perfect, thank you. I feel like we will have fun to work together. Just one point: the Global Art Grant Program is made to support art in the world, not to go to Burning Man. It would be difficult to come to Burning Man with the cube, as they don't pay for transportation.
Maybe with another project, or if a camp is paying for transportation...


Hans Speijer Sun 15 Jan 2017 5:59AM

Actually, we should participate in the burning man art jump. We have an event in the netherlands in April which has the specific purpose of doing fund raising and generating funds to allow existing burning man art pieces to travel through europe and maybe US. It is open to participation from european art. We should participate I think.


ROZIER FABRICE Mon 16 Jan 2017 11:18AM

Hans, most of the european Burning events are offering art grant for materials, but really few for transportation. I think it will be difficult to bring it to european decoms if we have to take in charge the transportation, plus all the required costs of traveling for the team. But let's think about this.

I applied to Burning Bär in Germany, we will see what they answer.
Burning Vienna refused to pay for transportation.
Burn in Paris : I came with the cube but it was expansive for me.

I will answer to the "art jump" : http://burningman.nl/2017/01/12/art-jump-notes-ideas/


Adrian Godwin Wed 11 Jan 2017 9:28PM

Hi all,

I'm Adrian Godwin, new to Burning Man events as I only attended Nest, Nowhere and London decompression last year. My background is in electronics and firmware - I've done that for years but the last few years I've become self-employed and concentrated on art projects.

I assisted a friend in building some pieces for Burning Man in previous years but didn't go myself. Last year I built an installation that was the dream of an artist I've been working with for a while, and we were lucky enough to get assistance to take it to Nest and Nowhere. I had a fabulous time and would love to get involved in other projects.

The piece I built ran 2700 LEDs in 3 strands, controlled by a single teensy 3. It took data from 3 wireless sensors measuring the participants respiration and displayed it as glowing pentagons on the surface of an icosahedron.

The evolution of the project is shown at https://dotkira.com/interactive-installation/ and we plan to develop it further in several ways.


ROZIER FABRICE Thu 12 Jan 2017 7:43AM

2700 LEDs in 3 strands ? Oulala, impressive, must be nice to be in the tube :-)


ROZIER FABRICE Thu 12 Jan 2017 7:47AM

Where are you leaving Adrian ? Maybe we will organise in the coming months a week end working session with all the hardware, to test all this.


Hans Speijer Sun 15 Jan 2017 6:00AM

Cool stuff, I think we got a great team! Looking forward to work with you guys! Let's make something bloody cool together! ;-)

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