Thu 16 Feb 2017 9:03PM

Shared Holders Mini-Hui facilitation

PJ Peter Jacobson Public Seen by 25

External facilitation?


If just shared holders:
10 shared holders,
9 shared holders likely to make this little hui.

If we invited hui planners:
19 hui planners + shared holders
16(?) hui + shared folk likely to make little hui


Rupert Snook

A close friend of half the shared holders.
Has offered to facilitate for koha.
He is super lovely, calm, a musician, and though I don't think he has a 'mindfulness practice' to me he embodies a lot of aspects of mindfulness.
He's experienced in hosting Agile process, and interested in exploring facilitation.

Beka Whale

Wonderful, experienced facilitator and live illustrator.
Is interested in facilitating, Pete has mentioned it briefly to her.

Gabrielle Young

Close friend of Pete & Rupert.
Very deep and clear thinker and questioner. Interesting perspectives.
Passionate about meditation, developing her own practice.
Loves designing events and spaces.
Hasn't yet been approached

Katie Benge

I don't know about everyone else, but I absolutely loved katie's facilitation at the first hui. Would love to be in a space hosted by Katie again.

Us (shared holders)

We're pretty much all facilitators. We could probably facilitate ourselves if we wanted?


Who do we want to host our space?

How many external facilitators do we want? 0? 1? 2? 3?


Patricia Morgan Thu 16 Feb 2017 9:44PM

I don't know any of these people so a bit hard to say but - my preference would be for someone that has a contemplative practice, and I think better to have 1 person facilitating.


Sam O'Sullivan Thu 16 Feb 2017 9:55PM

I'm into inviting hui planners as well. It feels strange separating the groups as all the people are holding space for MfC.
I like the idea of including all these people because they are awesome human beings, but I think that feelings comes from wanting them involved in MfC. Personally I don't think we need external facilitation. I think we could facilitate the mini hui ourselves and it would be good practice for the next hui if we decide to do it this way. We would need to agree on 2 people to facilitate an initial session (we could do this in person on Friday night) where we decide what we're going to do during the weekend and who will facilitate each activity. One person would focus on the group and the other person would capture the emerging timetable (activity + facilitators). It's what they do in the permaculture community. It makes organising future hui's a breeze as all you need is a purpose statement for a hui and everything unfolds while you are there. They all bring food too, so it's potluck catering.


Ming Janssen Thu 16 Feb 2017 11:54PM

For this particular Share Holders Hui I think it's very useful to have 1 external facilitator that helps us to stay on track with the purpose (we formulated). I imagine there's some decision making, structuring and setting up of effective workflows/ priorities to do for this group and knowing all the amazing people above here with their unique qualities, my preference would be for Rupert to facilitate this weekend with support from one of us. Inviting Hui Planners to this weekend as well doesn't make sense to me unless they will be part of the SH group (cause planning a Hui is a different focus than the more overall role of stewarding the MfC as a whole) and both need attention but I wouldn't mix them up.