Sat 31 Aug 2019 10:00PM

Feature request: let user set thread tag upon creation

K Keunes Public Seen by 102

I'm supporting Funkwhale, a self-hosted social platform to share & listen to music, and they have Loomio installed for project management. Using Loomio there, I found out that you can only set a thread tag after having created the thread. I didn't think I could set a thread topic myself as I didn't see such option, until the main developer there told me I could, but only after starting a thread. It'd be nice to be able to do such directly in the 'new thread' modal window :)


Keunes Sat 31 Aug 2019 10:02PM

BTW: I'd be happy to create a ticket on GitHub, but wasn't sure that would be appropriate.


Keunes Thu 21 Nov 2019 9:27PM

@Rob Guthrie I've been following the testing and discussions around Loomio 2.0 and it looks great so far :) I realise you've been very busy with this work, so I'm not expecting anything. But I was wondering: is my feature request at the right place here, or should it go elsewhere? :)


Robert Guthrie Thu 21 Nov 2019 10:32PM

it's totally in the right place. and while these things can take a while, one day they're suddenly possible because the groundwork has been done.

These design requests don't go nowhere, they all come together as a map in my head. It makes good sense to see an input field for tags on a discussion form, but we can't do it it properly until we can make some already well planned changes. Things are moving really quickly now.

Today we've switched Loomio 2 to the default client - everyone is on it! This means the old client's days are limited. When it's deleted we can make changes to the backend that we could not make when we were building 2.0. Changes to how tags, and threads are created work fall into this category.


Keunes Fri 7 Feb 2020 6:17PM

I only saw this now - sorry for not replying earlier. Happy to read it all goes into your mental map :) And congratulations on Loomio 2! It's been a big improvement :)


Keunes Wed 1 Apr 2020 9:06PM

Hi @ vivien maidaborn. I noticed you've been closing a lot of open discussions, including this one. Any particular reason? Should we report this request elsewhere?