Thu 8 Jun 2017 4:28AM

New Space | New Collective process

KW Kathleen Winter Public Seen by 388

Kia ora all,

Here’s the plan so far! This plan has been discussed at in-person meetings (minutes are in other threads), but we’re fully aware that not everyone was able to attend! If you’d like to chat more about this plan please do comment or flick @kassiehartendorp or I a line.


As of our last two meetings, we have enough interest and enthusiasm to push on with taking over the lease for the upstairs space.

This space is amazing and full of potential. It is also very different to the downstairs space in a number of big ways, which may mean that it is open to new and different purposes, and less appropriate for some of the groups who have been using the downstairs space up to this point.

Therefore, rather than using the upstairs space as a continuation of the 17 Tory Street Open Source Community Gallery, we will work to form a new collective to shape the upstairs space with its own kaupapa and purpose. Of course we hope to utilise the connections and spirit of 17 Tory, and to work with as many of the spaces’ current groups and volunteers as possible, while inviting new energy from other community members who may have dreams and ideas for this different space.


We will be sharing our intentions very loudly at the closing celebration this Sunday, and holding two more open-nights for the upstairs space to give more chances for people to check it out and express their interest in joining a new collective and/or utilising that space.

We propose holding viewings of the upstairs space on:

TUESDAY the 13th at 5.30 – 6.30pm.
FRIDAY the 16th from 3 – 4pm.

Kassie and Kathleen are happy to be present at these times, to take names and talk to anyone interested about their dreams and how we might work together.

At the end of that week, we will begin to organise a hui for all of the groups and individuals interested in forming a new collective.


In the short term, it means that we cannot accept any requests to use the upstairs space yet, as we need to give time for the new collective to form. If you are currently liaising with any groups or projects, please let them know that we hope to be able to respond more meaningfully to their request in ~ 1 month.

This new space has such a mix of rooms and facilities – bathrooms, a kitchen, multiple offices and self-contained spaces as well as large group spaces, potentially even cinema and exhibition spaces. Its use depends on us.

The new collective will be operating separately from this Loomio group. If you would like to continue to be involved in this beautiful community space (and we hope you will!!!), please comment here, so we have a snapshot of who is keen from this group to help out with the new space.

We want to form a strong collective of people who are committed to keeping the space running. This could mean giving a hand with admin or finances, helping us clean, decorate and care for the space, liaising with community and managing bookings, etc.

We would love to see your irl faces and to start this work from the ground up.

Ngā mihi nui I am so excited for this new journey.


Joel Cosgrove Thu 8 Jun 2017 7:32AM

Sounds cool!
See ya on Sunday. :)


Eamonn Thu 8 Jun 2017 11:04AM

Yes, I am keen to be involved. Sorry I've been absent recently. i've been swamped with a few other things.


Murdoch Thu 8 Jun 2017 8:29PM

Latest from property management on the new lease:

Hi Murdoch,

Good to speak with you earlier today.

Please find the licence agreement attached for your review, editing and signature. The commencement date is noted as a few days prior to enable you to get into the space before having to be fully vacated from the ground floor premises. Any issue with the document, please let me know.

Keen to get a copy of your most recent power bill so we can ensure that the new tenant can perform the switch easily on their first day of occupation. I’ve attached the power bill of the previous tenant for the Level 1 premises, so you have the details to establish that account.

We will also need to make arrangement for all keys you currently possess for the premises to be returned. Do you require any swipe cards?

There is an alarm however please note that the landlord doesn’t take any responsibility for the alarm, it was a previous tenant’s fixture that they have left at the property but you are welcome to use if necessary.

Kind Regards



Kathleen Winter Fri 9 Jun 2017 12:08AM

Thanks heaps for this Murdoch. Since this is a public thread, reckon we could hide the door code for now?


Kathleen Winter Fri 16 Jun 2017 5:43AM

Kia ora Murdoch, love your work. I know we need to get the licence signing underway asap but have a few questions about it to run by you before signing! Know you're very swamped but let me know if you can fit a half-hour chat this weekend?

P.S. Had a really good open day today with lots of different individuals / groups showing strong interest in using the space feeling pumped.


Murdoch Thu 8 Jun 2017 8:33PM

Note that the document above is in Word so we can change who the signa-tories are. Worth @kassiehartendorp @kw having a look over as well as others who were able to sign it. Woot! Also, note the $780 credit that I'll follow up on too. Above, also is the power bill for the space - we'll need to transfer it to us some time, which also means we'll need to either get someone new on the existing bank account (easier than starting a new one from scratch, I think).


Jessica Sat 10 Jun 2017 3:33AM

Hello, I'm keen to be involved in helping with the new space.


Murdoch Mon 12 Jun 2017 7:38AM

Update on the space and the rumours that it is to be sold also:

Hello Everyone,

I wish to inform you that the owner of the building has made a decision to place the property on the market for sale.

This process is close to commencing and soon there are likely to be inspections of the property by agents from Colliers International, along with interested parties. This process will be led by Michelle Chadwick and advance access will always be notified to you to work on minimising disruption to your business or occupation of the property.

Please note that should the property be sold, your lease would remain in force and that you will continue with the same rights and obligations as are in place with the current owner. In respect of residential tenancies, this may only change should a new owner wish to occupy the premises.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation on this, and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards



AnaT Tue 13 Jun 2017 8:05PM

Tja - so we're still guaranteed a six month lease but after that ...


Eamonn Wed 14 Jun 2017 10:31AM

Hi, I've had a few personal issues lately so haven't been very active at the meetings for the new space, but I'm in contact with a couple of groups that are interested in using the space (an artist looking for a studio) and a performance group. I'm unsure on the timeframe of when I can get back to them about what the next step is.


Murdoch Wed 14 Jun 2017 7:42PM

Love to you Eamonn - hope things get better soon.


Murdoch Fri 16 Jun 2017 8:32AM

Totally keen to chat. Awesome to hear about the progress. I handed my key over to the landlord yesterday so they'll be in from Monday. I'll msg you my number.