Mon 29 Oct 2018 6:22PM

Academic Engagement- Student Projects

BP Brian Prangle Public Seen by 57

In order to engage with Computer Science Departments it would be good to have a list of potential projects so that we speedily engage with any approach that is made.
Here are a couple of ideas to start:

  1. Take OSM Notes and colour code them by age - simple red/yellow/green.
  2. Use OS Names data to recreate the obsolete ITOWorld OS Locator Service- basically gives you a map and a JOSM imagery layer showing missing or incorrect road names in OSM.
  3. Filter Local Authority Planning Apps ( by keyword??) to show those that are significant ( e.g not those for a new bay window or a domestic extension).

RobJN Sat 3 Nov 2018 12:46PM

Thanks Brian. 3 fantastic ideas. As promised some ideas to add to the list:

  1. Develop a novel metric to measure the success of OpenStreetMap within sub-regions of the United Kingdom.
  2. Create a smartphone app that shows nearby OSM Notes, Ghosts (Robert Whittaker's) and other simple QA challenges.
  3. A research project to better understand what motivates people to contribute and how we can use this understanding to best promote OSM to attract new users.

I think there are more, but getting the wording right for an academic context is a challenge. It may be a case of getting someone signed up and then doing a kick-off session to explore ideas with them.

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