Should we test a RECALL MeetUp group in Boston?

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Too much of the talk about reforming the real estate is limited to industry insiders, yet consumers feel the pain daily. Testing a RECALL (Real Estate Consumer Alliance) MeetUp in Boston would let us know if homebuyers, who feel powerless in the face of low inventory, rising prices and BLIND biddnig wars. want a place to vent and add their voices to calls to reforms. What do you think? Should we give it a try?


Bill Wendel Wed 22 Mar 2017 1:34PM

Countdown: 10 Days till April Fool's Day, 2017

Follow-up on this question above: The Ides of March to April Fool's Day consumer protection / public awareness provides an annual opportunity to wake up "the Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement" before the Spring housing market ramps up to full speed. This year, the topic below has the potential to attract a diverse audience from at least four existing MeetUps in Boston -- Boston Real Estate Tech (#BosRETech), Mass Legal Hackers, Personal Data Boston & Defensive Homebuying. By inviting buyer agents as well as the affordable housing community, we could also test the viability of launching a MeetUp for RECALL (Real Estate Consumer Alliance).


Fiduciary Duties in Real Estate: Past, Present & Future

In 1986, a member pamphlet published by the National Association of Realtors warned that dual agency was "the professional equivalent of Russian roulette." Over the next three decades, the industry moved away from fiduciary duties to mainstreaming conflicts of interest. But a recent decision by the CA Supreme Court and emerging need for "information fiduciaries" could set the stage for an Agency Revival. Unconference session participants are encouraged to read: http://bit.ly/DOAgency and http://bit.ly/GrandTrust.

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LOCATION: To be determined

DATE / TIME: To be determined, but likely during the following three day stretch, Sat. 4/1, Sun 4/2, or Monday, 4/3. If we had to choose today, I'd recommend hosting the event at 6pm, Monday, April 3rd at ImpactHub Boston. Open to other ideas, including a "road show."