Tue 26 Sep 2017 3:35AM

Purchase of another home

PH Paul Hughes Public Seen by 398

I understand that Council owns a home in Te Miti St
It is occupied by the current Council village groundsman Graeme who may be retiring
Council may not replace him but that would be something that the village would have something to say about
If he was not replaced the home would be surplus and make an ideal next purchase
Do we have any plans that provide for further purchases such as this home?


Tina Pope Tue 26 Sep 2017 4:17AM

Hi PaulNot yet. Trying to buy the first one back but this is on our radar.


Kerren Hedlund Tue 26 Sep 2017 7:29AM

Hi Paul, This has definitely been on the agenda. But we need to get the demand going ! Once the Trust is in place, we'll be able to get the word out that people who need the Trusts help can 'apply' for it. I am not aware of any specific whanau asking for our help at this point.
But I am pretty sure we definitely want a bug in the ear of the Council that this house would be perfect for the Trust.


Peter Handford Tue 26 Sep 2017 7:03PM

There is a wider conversation to be had in relation to this. Graeme has performed an invaluable service over many years and there has been ongoing value in having someone in this role that knows the village. We should be discussing how we might replace that service and provide housing. Needs some consideration.


Anne Woodside Wed 27 Sep 2017 7:51PM

Indeed I really hope Graeme remains in the village. He is one of our taonga as well as the service he performs.