Thu 8 Feb 2018 9:11AM

Incubator Two: What is the future of interaction?

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Current Collective Projects/Provocations include:

  • I'm lonely what can I do?
  • Movement & Technology
  • Interaction Group (name to be updated)
  • What can be learned by demonstrating and exploring theories/practices in immersive VR environments?

- Robot Erapia - How people want a robot to represent them? (Igor Zubrycki from Poland)
- South London Raspberry Jam
- South Devon College


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 8 Feb 2018 9:48AM

Hi there, I'm in the group 'What can be learned by demonstrating and exploring theories/practices in immersive VR environments' which is about practising dance in VR. We were considering to choose a different title for the project. 1° option: ' Who am I? Where am I? Teaching dance in VR'. 2° option: 'Exploring the possibilities of VR in dance practice - movement and identity?' 3° option???


Jazmin Morris Thu 8 Feb 2018 2:33PM

The third title is quite nice but both the second and third work!


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 8 Feb 2018 9:52AM

And this is to watch in preparation for our VR dance test.


Kristina Fri 9 Feb 2018 8:33AM

The test will be conducted at Chelsea Makerspace CG01 Thursday Feb 15th at 2pm.


ANNA DE AMICIS Fri 9 Feb 2018 10:16AM

this is the link to access our thread (teaching dance in VR project) https://www.loomio.org/invitations/d4bd322c7b38d18bd6e8


Florentine Ruault Mon 12 Feb 2018 7:20PM

I thought this could simply describe our incubator and then we can go in depth for each activity!

"The second incubator will be exploring the following question: « What is the future of Interaction? ». This Digital Maker Collective team will propose an interactive and audio-visual experience, rethinking the virtual and physical space. You will be invited to experience different future interaction and reflect on how these are impacting on your mind and body."

Let me know what you think!


Lucy Tue 13 Feb 2018 6:14PM

The Original Interaction Group new title...

(human ± technology) let's update together


Digital Maker Collective Bot Tue 13 Feb 2018 7:17PM

Ok Interaction crew we need something ASAP please similar structure to what the other group has provided - an simple streamline and then some basic info (header & explanation) about whats going on:

ARE HUMANS SUSTAINABLE? This incubator explores the potential of the human species to survive and thrive.

It compasses four Provocations:

'Humans, Technology and Artificial Intelligence...' explores our changing relationship with technology
'Growing Space' is a space for growing and is sourced locally from waste.
'Is Technology Killing our creativity?' questions whether artificial creativity is a help or a hindrance to human imagination.
'Experiencing Sustainability issues' explores micro-plastic pollution through interactive technology


Lucy Tue 13 Feb 2018 8:38PM

What is the future of interaction?
This incubator will rethink virtual and physical space with interactive audio and visual projects.

The 4 provocations include:

'I’m lonely, what can I do?' Question the mix of gaming in simulated environments and real time by using virtual reality and constructing a puzzle.

'(human ± technology) let's update together' code and activate light installations and experience unseen interactions between the physical and virtual.

'Movement & Technology'*generate sounds through your body movements. Get ready to experience physicality of sound in a new way!

*'What can be learned by demonstrating and exploring theories/practices in immersive VR environments?'
a dance virtual demo

What does everyone think of this?
I have tried to shorten everyones text...


Zoe Wed 14 Feb 2018 5:37PM

Hey, from our meeting today... we are trying to work out the programming for our incubator. Could you please let us know your thoughts, idea and space you require. It has been agreed that we are going to send each other the workshops/events/space requirements that each group desire by the next Tate Exchange planning meeting so we can start to form our programme! There are 6 days so we want to make it varied.


Jazmin Morris Thu 15 Feb 2018 10:12AM

Gaming group, open for collaborations with other projects particularly spaces as ours is an installation that can potentially be placed anywhere. Also the imagery on our boxes could be aesthetically related to what other groups are doing? In terms of space we will need a table and space for all the VR equipment as well as a safe space to practice VR potentially standing. We will also need a space large enough to inhibit 16 cardboard boxes and room to assemble/deconstruct them.


Kristina Wed 14 Feb 2018 9:35PM

Also from the meeting today: we have indentified 5 different VR projects.

VR1 - Lorent, Lucy, India, Zoe : animation/interaction;

VR2 - Jazmin, Irina, Kez, Kaye, Jimena, Kristina : gaming physical and virtual;

VR3 - Anna de Amici, Jonathan, Emma and (CSM crew), apologies I do not have all your names : Dancing/Teaching;

VR4 - WCA Panama, Nikita, Tom, Isabella, Jimena, Kristina : Vapor Tate;

VR5 - Alejandro & Parque Explora (Columbia): Assembly Line

These 5 projects can be individual or overlapping, some might be integrated into each other and some might be individual, the idea is to collaborate and join forces in the physical and virtual world.
I just thought I put the names to the projects so that we have a better idea. This is by no means a definite list, so if you have another VR project or interest in one of the projects, please let us know.


Jazmin Morris Thu 15 Feb 2018 10:09AM

I will keep in mind and maybe in some of next weeks meets we can discuss collaborations and logistics.


Jazmin Morris Thu 15 Feb 2018 10:16AM

**Also another main member of the gaming group is Kaye


Kristina Sat 17 Feb 2018 12:06AM

have added Kaye to the gaming list :-)


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 15 Feb 2018 1:47PM

HI there. We are about to perform a dance test in VR. Does anyone have a camera to bring to the Makers space at Chelsea between 2 and 4? Thanks.


Farrukh Akbar Fri 16 Feb 2018 12:22PM

Hi guys, Here is the draft wording that the 'welcome hologram robot' will say. It has been drafted using the descriptors sent by the provocation groups. Please let me have any changes asap as we are trying to film the robot this afternoon. Many thanks. (please ignore the random use of capital letters).


Zoe Fri 16 Feb 2018 12:53PM

Good luck on the filming this afternoon!


Jazmin Morris Sun 18 Feb 2018 7:17PM

Only just saw this but great work, really nice I'm looking forward to it! Hope the filming went well!


ANNA DE AMICIS Mon 19 Feb 2018 12:12PM


Kristina Mon 19 Feb 2018 10:05PM

Very successful day at WCA today.
We managed to create a world collaboratively and upload it to VRchat. The idea was to create a world as a team with different "artworks'" - from glitchart to audio to tilt brush paintings to blender 3Dmodels assembled in a TeX inspired space /environment. This is the first shot at it, if you are around Tuesday 20th Feb at Chelsea come and try it out.


Jazmin Morris Tue 20 Feb 2018 12:10PM

AMAZING!! Coming in soon but I have probably missed you :( Would love to try it out and maybe it's a potential environment for the gaming groups installation!


Jazmin Morris Wed 21 Feb 2018 12:10PM

Rough floor plan from the gaming group.


ANNA DE AMICIS Wed 21 Feb 2018 2:07PM

this is for the Dance in VR group.


ANNA DE AMICIS Wed 21 Feb 2018 6:52PM

THIS IS A SHOUT OUT. Does anyone have an idea about how to capture the motion of legs or feet? Ideally, we would need 2 pairs of trackers to 'stick' to the dancers' legs. Can cameras do the trick or something similar? Chris contacted the DMC HTC vive contact about the Vive Trackers - https://www.vive.com/uk/accessory/ - but didn't hear back from him/her. Thanks


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 2:05AM

Quick recap what we discussed today RE: Tate programming for the Interaction Incubator Two:

  • Two large structures( movement/sound frame and lighting installation) will be in the space + tent for Cyland.
  • VR Performance Space (shared between 4 different VR projects)
  • 10 physical different stations
  • 4 VR projects (one being run from Columbia)

Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 2:18AM

The stations are ( for ease I have put some names to the projects so that they are easier identifiable):

  • Update (Lorent and co)
  • Concentration (Irina and co)
  • Movement (Florentine and co)
  • Dance Practice (Anna and co)
  • Vapor Tate (Kristina and co)
  • Cyland
  • Robot Erapia from Poland
  • South London Raspberry Jam
  • South Devon College
  • Assembly line (Alejandro and co, via VR from Columbia)

Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 8:58AM

The gaming group isnt on this list, me & co. We have vr but also the cardboard boxes :)


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 2:20AM

I will go over the VR programming tomorrow if anyone is around in Chelsea, that would be great. In terms of general programming fr Incubator Two - any volunteers to write it down?


Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 8:58AM

I dont mind helping but not around until 3 today


Digital Maker Collective Bot Thu 22 Feb 2018 9:21AM

Can all Incubator Two members arrange a time to meet with me in CG01 today please to talk about floor layout plans - remember we need working base camps/homes for all involved and an activation/workshop space - have attached draft plan


Future Makers Collective (Dublin) Thu 22 Feb 2018 1:17PM

Hi there,
Just introducing the team that will be coming over in March. There are six students; Megan Kelly, Marc Carr, Tomas Ferris-Meldon, Emma Kane, Lou Malone and Andrew Long, along with our valiant leaders Sinead MacDonald and Deirdre Kennedy.
We have been researching societal structures and technologies which control our world. The data we have found features in all of our work. The four themes we’re working under are:
- Church/State entanglement in women’s health issues
- Humanising Data
- Data mining and pseudo voluntary metadata collection
- Structures if control in city architecture

Church/State entanglement in women’s health issues
We are working with this in two categories; 1. The Magdalene Laundries and 2. Abortion law in Ireland.
1. Briefly, the Magdalene laundries were a mother and baby home set up by the state and run by nuns, and there was severe abuse of the women and their babies. (http://www.thejournal.ie/magdalene-laundry-true-story-margaret-bullen-samantha-long-614350-Sep2012/)
Orlaith, Christina and Louise will be working with the census data from the institutions in 1911. They’re looking doing data-sonification.
2. Abortion is illegal in Ireland, so people must travel to the UK if they are in need of one. There is a lot of shame and secrecy surrounding this in Ireland, and up until recently it was illegal to travel for an abortion at all.

Emma, Megan and Marc will be creating a structure which is reminiscent of the Jacquard loom – upon which early computers were based – to represent the online data we have collected on the number of people who travel to the UK to have an abortion over the period of a year.
The piece will be constructed in RUE RED gallery as part of Andrei Molodkin’s exhibition. A video of its assembly performance and a 3D model will come with us (not the structure itself)

Humanising Data
Under this theme Tomas is researching how we engage emotionally with large amounts of data relating to human beings and the phenomenon of “psychic numbing” in the face of tragedy. He is looking into using Processing to do this.

Data mining and pseudo voluntary metadata collection
Here we are developing work on facial recognition technology and quantified self.

Structures if control in city architecture
The Lou is looking into the use of high pitch frequency and various colours and materials in buildings which control the way we interact with them.


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 1:39PM

so ... here is a framework of the ACTIVATION AND MAIN VR ZONE


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 2:11PM

the confirmed dancers' slots (VR3) are mar 7 (12-14) and mar 10 (14-16). the last one, which is mar 9 (12-14) is still TBC (it should involve Izaak and Aurelie).


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:29PM

Hi Anna, I added the slots we discussed yesterday.(not the slots you are mentioning today) two VR projects were merged so you are now VR2. see doc above.


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 1:41PM

and the layout has been adapted after I spoke to Chris. Basically everyone has 1.5sqm. That is for a structure or a table or a tent. We can not have both unfortunately, there is not enough space.... it will be a quite agile space, so no fretting :)


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:01PM

I tried to be as much detailed as possible for the VR 3 (dance slot on Mar 9 still TBC)


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:24PM

Good news for the motion tracker. The Wireless full body motion tracker that Terry bought a few weeks ago arrived today and he's happy to share it with us. We are all new to this technology and we may need help to set it up. We are planning a test for Feb 28 (11-14). Is there anybody who can help? Thanks.


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:46PM

ok, so I revised the programme, but we have to bear in mind that we are 4 VR projects with a team of at lest 5 members each to be accommodated, so we might not get our first choice always. This revised slot timetable is up and I suggest you agree between yourselves if you need to swap slots and discuss it on Wednesday. The remaining slots will be taken up by physical projects like the car racing game and workshops.


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:15PM

Thanks, Kristina.


Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:19PM

On thursday could we get the middle spot please? And on either tues or wed the later one maybe if thats okay with other people? Sorry I wasnt in today, I can pop down now if needed?


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:30PM

Jazmin: you guys need to sort it out between yourselves,I can not change it every time someone requests, really sorry. Best to discuss next wednesday when everyone is there maybe? Bearing in mind that the Robotics guy for example is only present for two days, so scheduling is not that straight forward.
Anna: you are VR2, as gaming and interaction was merged and there are only 4 VR projects now.


Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:47PM

Thats fine I understand, were pretty flexible anyway. Yep I agree lets discuss on wednesday :) and thanks for your work on this!


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 3:56PM

I think it would be good if at least one member of each VR group would be confident enough to operate/set up the Vive by themselves (happy to show you - come and see me next wednesday 28th) as I will not be around every single slot at the Tate.


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:12PM



Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:15PM

Hello, just commenting to say gaming group is happy with these VR slots and we could possibly take on one for the friday too. As for the layout of the space, the gaming groups project is not on the sheet. We are in the VR space and timetabled in but we will need a space for the boxes, they fit in a 1.5msq space and we don't necessarily need a table. Would be ideal if we could have one of the bases neat the VR please because that transition is important for us


Kristina Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:26PM

the boxes would be your installation and that would be instead of a table. Chris said that it is 1.5sqm per project, that includes any structures. I am sure they could be placed close to the activation zone. we do that on monday 5th.


Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 4:47PM

Great thats fine then, thanks


Digital Maker Collective Bot Thu 22 Feb 2018 5:09PM

Just got an email from Victoria Chang, Director of HTC's new VIVE Arts programme - 'I’d love to attend if it doesn’t clash with my other commitments' Victoria also says she'll try and get some developer addition trackers sent over to us' - https://www.thememo.com/2017/12/14/vr-art-htc-vive-arts-director-victoria-chang-virtual-reality-art-exhibition/


ANNA DE AMICIS Thu 22 Feb 2018 5:15PM

Fantastic! Thanks!


Jazmin Morris Thu 22 Feb 2018 5:45PM



ANNA DE AMICIS Mon 26 Feb 2018 12:28PM

this is the final draft of our risk assessment.


ANNA DE AMICIS Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:06PM

Hi there. There's a major test tomorrow from 11. Dancers Annarita and Morena will be with us to experiment dancing in VRChat. We'll test the VICO VR wireless body tracker brought in by Terry and Kinect motion tracker provided by Damien. Thanks, Terry and Damien! Today our group pulled some money together to buy a software to make the connection between Steam and Kinect possible.


ANNA DE AMICIS Tue 27 Feb 2018 2:29PM

For Tate, the VR dance project will deliver:
- Live performances, where 4 dancers wearing VR sets will take turns performing a 1-min choreography (a basic series of movements, gestures, a phrase). The performers will dance on the physical space first and then, they will share the VR environment.
These are the agreed time slots for the live performances:
Mar 7 (2-4); Mar 9 (12-2); Mar 10 (2-4).
- 10 min talk, thought the painting 'endless rhythm' by Delaunay (Boiler House, level 4, room 2), we'll introduce our project to the public
These are the proposed time slots for the 10 min talk
Mar 7; Mar 9; Mar 10, always at 1 PM.

The project will see the involvement of Drs. JJ Honisch and P. Scarfe, who will explore the following research questions: 'Does mirroring (moving with a virtual partner in virtual space) have the same social-cognitive benefits as seen in the 'real-world'? So moving together in time and space leads to several beneficial outcomes, such as increased affiliation towards the synchronous partner, pro-social behaviour in more general, a decrease in cognitive load. Are the associated benefits specific to 'real' individuals or can we link them to 'virtual individuals'?


Jazmin Morris Thu 1 Mar 2018 2:20AM

28/02/2018 Kaye, Kez, Jazmin, Kristina, Lorent, Aron
Gaming group have been working hard over the last few days trying to get the project finished for Tate next week.
After finishing painting all of the boxes we then had to photograph each face. Today we experienced a lot of technical difficulties with unreal engine and steam but we managed to solve the issue and begin making the boxes! We constructed them in Blender and adding our photographs as texture to each face. When we put the object into unreal the graphics were slightly off and the physics weren't automatic like we had hoped. We are going to have another go tomorrow at constructing and perfecting a box and then we can apply the same info to the other boxes.

-We need to flatpack the boxes ready for monday morning.

-Draw the provocation question 'I'm lonely, what can I do?' onto the spare cardboard boxes & print game groups blurb & VR disclaimer for boxes. We are going to have a stack of boxes separate to puzzle that advertise our project & explain it a bit, particularly when the VR isn't available.

-And of course get the digital boxes made for VR!


Jazmin Morris Thu 1 Mar 2018 6:04AM

Gaming group: I'm lonely, what can I do? BLURB

This group was formed around the concept of gaming, we have been developing ideas around the social aspects as well as the personal effects of gaming, and aiming to respond to the question: I’m lonely, what can I do? We explore themes of avatar creation/multiple personas, social gaming, simulation, escapism and question the difference between the physical and the virtual. For the Tate exchange the gaming group presents a mixed reality gaming experience! Enjoy constructing a hand painted, life size puzzle game and reveal imagery based on the groups themes and development, then experience the same concept in virtual reality! The gaming group have digitally reconstructed the boxes and recreated the puzzle game, creating a simulation of your experience. What are the social differences between physical gaming and solo, virtual gaming? Are you still lonely? Which reality do you prefer? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the virtual game? Explore our base camp to find out for yourself and chat to our team about production and future projects.

Virtual reality times:

Tuesday- 12pm-2pm

Wednesday 12pm-2pm

Saturday 4pm-6pm


Kristina Mon 5 Mar 2018 9:19PM

Revised VR schedule. Due to restricted access for the gaming group to equipment today. If anyone has any objections, please give me a shout.