Wed 11 Mar 2020 6:25AM

What does this group permission setting mean?

JN Jade Northrup Public Seen by 72


What does “Members can notify everyone in the group” do?

I can’t find any reference in the help docs etc.



david rayner Wed 11 Mar 2020 9:37AM

as far as i know...if selected,it means that one does not have to be an admin to send a global notification for a thread.

does that sound right to other people?

the invite/notify option seems not as obvious these days which means that it is not overused. it never really has been in my experience but then i deal with a relatively small group...


Jade Northrup Wed 11 Mar 2020 6:48PM

Hi @david rayner thanks for the input.

I played around with this setting last night and as far as I could tell, it removes the "invite people" options on the context section of topics. I'm guessing it might also remove that feature from proposals/polls as well.


john gieryn Wed 11 Mar 2020 10:33PM

Hi @Jade Northrup,

Yes, it disables features such as send thread / invite people and invite to vote, features that immediately send a notification. Thanks for notifying me to that gap in our Help; it's been updated.

@david rayner is correct in sensing that it does not make much sense to turn this off unless the group is big, or both particularly sensitive to emails and less inclined to adjust their email settings.

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