Thu 4 May 2023 12:14PM

Extraordinary General Meeting, Monday 5th June, 3pm - to wind up or not?

The current directors do not have capacity to keep Platform 6 Development Co-op functioning.

Extraordinary General Meeting open to all, Monday 5th June, 3pm

Meeting link: https://de.meet.coop/b/gra-cpf-owy-a9s

We have around 30 members, including member organisations, but this meeting is open to everyone in the Platform 6 community.

Decisions/Proposals for the EGM, which need input from you lot in advance:

a) To dissolve Platform 6 Development Co-op, to pass the cash assets and the funds/brands of Ways Forward and of Breadfunds/Mutual First Aid on to (??)____ and to pass the fiscal hosting of our 30-odd Open Collectives to (??)_____ [Note - Graham is checking whether innovate.coop could take this on] - or to wind up once Open Collectives have found their own alternative fiscal hosting.


b) to transfer assets and fiscal hosting as above, and to turn the company dormant with new named directors [Mx Y, Ms Z and Mr X - people would need to take this on before we could vote for it].


P6 has been struggling for years now to create a culture of participation. The people putting in the graft have themselves been stretched over many projects and have not been able to put in the work of promotion, induction, outreach and organising which is necessary for an organisation of unpaid enthusiasts. When we surveyed to find more interested people, we didn't then have capacity to follow-up on the interest that was shown.

The fiscal hosting of Open Collectives has increased the administrative workload significantly, with constant issues over payment platforms and a vast amount more bookkeeping.

We really never got to the exciting position of having many members contributing to a fund for co-operative development, which was the original nub of the project, and would have created an engine driving inspiration and participation (in relative terms, at least).

We note that Development Co-op and the Young Co-operators Network have similarly struggled to survive/thrive and wonder what the similarities, differences and contexts are, what can we learn from this?

What we want from you now

  • respond below with any alternative suggestions for how we should proceed, or any questions

  • If you want to join Platform 6 in order to vote at the EGM or step into a directorship role, follow the link from https://platform6.coop/.

  • Suggest appropriate homes for the 'Ways Forward for the Co-op Movement' brand and seed fund for future events

  • Suggest appropriate homes for the Breadfunds/Mutual First Aid remaining moneys

  • Suggest appropriate homes for the Platform 6 Development Co-op fund

  • if you are considering taking on the responsibility for Platform 6, do express interest here or let us know. Happy to have conversations about what we think running Platform 6 entails/how it could be different.

  • RSVP

The work of re-homing Open Collectives will begin after the EGM - feel free to put questions here, but there may not be answers for a while.

We are very sad to have ended up in this position - all the challenges and opportunities that prompted the founding of Platform 6 still exist, it is no less necessary than it ever was, but we have run out of steam.

Cath, Graham & Austen


matt wilson Fri 5 May 2023 11:15AM

Sorry to hear this. maybe you're all just feeling relieved, but i know these things can potentially be tough, so I hope you're all feeling ok...

I don't thave much to say on a practical level, except for the Ways Forward side of things. I'd really like to see that continue, and would be up for maybe seeing if it could be brough under the worker fed project somehow... not sure exactly what it would mean to pass this on, but happy to have a chat about this, on this forum or directly...



Sion Whellens (Principle Six/Calverts) Fri 5 May 2023 11:30AM

Likewise @matt wilson - I know we've been on the whole passive supporters/participants. Platform 6 was in my mind a test of whether the Solidfund methodology could work to generate 'wider movement' development resource, and there are lessons to be learned. Solidfund itself is due a review of its purposes, although it will always be a worker co-op focused thing - simply because there is a passionate community of people who will put their hand in their pocket for the cause (actually this is its 'secret sauce', along with the 'trade union' direct debit style way of collecting subscriptions).

I'll be on holiday and mainly away out of phone signal/internet on June 6th, but will come if I can.


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Thu 11 May 2023 6:30AM

@Sion Whellens (Principle Six/Calverts) It's Monday the 5th Sion.


bob cannell Fri 5 May 2023 2:24PM

Understandable. It isn't fair or sustainable for a few enthusiast activists to be left holding the burden with no let up in sight.I can't take this on. Was always one of the supporters. I'll think about your options and try to attend.


Chris Funnell Tue 9 May 2023 3:29PM

Thanks and appreciation to Cath Graham and Austen. I will be with you on June 5th. Chris


adrian ashton Wed 10 May 2023 12:43PM

afraid I won't be able to join you live on the 6th, but echo all of the sentiments ably expressed above by others - I'd be included to favour option (a) to encourage some clear lines to be drawn to help with reflections, people being able to move on, etc, rather than it going into a limbo space...


Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) Thu 11 May 2023 6:32AM

Aiming to join the meeting. Well done for persevering this far. It would be good to have some figures for the various funds being held and what unrestricted funds there are at the moment.


@Mark Simmonds (Co-op Culture) yes it would... I'll see what i can do over the next week


Martin Meteyard Wed 17 May 2023 1:06PM

I'm planning to attend the meeting. Sadly I think this outcome has been inevitable for a while, as the aspiration for a wider movement fund never managed to build up a sufficient head of steam (and there don't actually seem to have been many conversations with the consumer sector). I'm not sure there are too many parallels with the issues faced by Development Co-op and the Young Co-operators Network, but it would be interesting to discuss further at the meeting.


The meeting will be at https://de.meet.coop/b/gra-cpf-owy-a9s and i've added that to the original post. Thanks @Chris Funnell for the prompt!

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