Thu 1 Nov 2018 9:37AM

Organizing the move?

CS Carl-Johan Sveningsson Public Seen by 254

Having become more of a passive donor recently, it's both exciting and challenging to see Hampus' post that the move is happening. What are the thoughts on how to organize it? My proposal is to at least structure it under a subgroup here in Loomio.

Personally I care for the library and would start a thread about that as soon as possible.


Hugi Ásgeirsson Sat 3 Nov 2018 12:08AM

Thank you! Indeed we will need a lot of help, though we haven't really been able to start planning yet. Reason is that we still don't know if we have to move everything end of December or end of January. Our contacts at Atrium Ljungberg are looking into weather we could still store our things at the Node in "cold storage" in January while we are getting the new place ready.

There is a new library planned, though it's pretty different from the old one. Next time you're in Stockholm, let me know and I'll show you around the Blivande house.


Emin Durak Sun 4 Nov 2018 12:37PM

We've been planning about cataloguing the Node library at Pomegra, with an account dedicated to the Node, so that people can see what books there's in the library without having to be there physically...

A feature that would also be very nice is if we can enter the information about which location in the shelves each book is placed to, so that it's easy to find once inquired.

How do you guys feel for that? I'm up for gathering a group of people to systematically get this done, as it'd be too much work to do for one or two people. @carljohansveningss would you like to plan this together? Sumbu is also helping me out with Pomegra already so we're then 3 ppl at least :)

In case you don't know, Pomegra is a web-app I've developed for its members to manage lending books to each other. It's still in beta ;p => https://app.pomegra.org