Fri 12 Apr 2013 1:49AM

Garrett Street Flat Meetings

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This thread will include minutes of previous meetings and is a means to propose and agree upon dates and times for future flat meetings.


Sophi Reinholt Fri 12 Apr 2013 1:52AM

Hey! Let's give this a test run. Flat meeting this Sunday 14th April at around 7pm?


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Flat meeting 7pm Sunday Closed Sun 14 Apr 2013 8:54AM

We need a flat meeting to discuss GSC May Sessions:
who wants to be involved, what this project is going to entail, the pay-out percentages, gear needed, bands etc.

We also need to talk about the flat in general maintenance terms - it seems that the time has come for a cleaning roster and dishes roster, and certainly for April and May.

We've got our beloved Carolin and Lance looking to move out also.

We need a flat meeting - can we make it this Sunday? What time is going to work? 7pm?


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Sophi Reinholt
Fri 12 Apr 2013 1:59AM

I'm free 7pm Sunday. Later or slightly earlier suits too.


Carolin Prinn Fri 12 Apr 2013 3:20AM

yes im free


Sophi Reinholt Sun 14 Apr 2013 10:33PM

Minutes of flat meeting 14/04/2013:

Dishes: Do your own dishes and pots/pans; dishes roster to be added to the fridge as per the old system where the magnet is moved down when you complete a load of dishes that has built up. Wipe down benches also. Matt abstaining from involvement. 2 week trial.

Cleaning roster:
Roster that rotates around the following job (for 10 flatmates - soon to be 11); mop the bathroom, scrub the shower & sink, vaccuum the lounge, sweep the kitchen, take out the rubbish, take out the recycling (Tuesday), Sweep/clean stairwell, clean the toilet, check the laundry is tidy, buy utilities (toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, rubbish bags) with flat card.

New bank accounts:
Please make sure rent is in on Wednesday. New accounts are on the fridge, one for utilities, one for rent.
Take $2 off utilities and add it to rent payments.
$18 each for utilities, $162 for rent (for $180 rooms)
Cash deposits incur a fee so add $3 to any transactions that involve a teller. Otherwise, deposit cash into a bank account and transfer electronically (which will not require a $3 surcharge).

Change the power account:
New electricity company - we need to take Jesse's name of the electricity account and figure out who will and is able to take on the responsibility of paying our power bills. If we pay weekly we will receive discounts on our bills.

Statement of accounts from Jesse.

No heaters please, unless you are willing to either use a gas heater or pay a nominal amount towards the additional costs incurred for power bills.

May Music Sessions:
We are withdrawing our proposal for May's music sessions at Garrett Street, and apologise for all the upset it seems to have caused. If we look to having some May gigs we will re-propose the idea and ensure that all meetings are open and that a flat representative is present at all meetings.