Thu 26 May 2016 9:40PM

052316 Core Team Meeting Notes

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Agenda and minutes taken included


Alli Chagi-Starr Thu 26 May 2016 9:47PM

Here are the notes from last Core Team Meeting: (Feel free to get in touch with questions: allistarr@gmail.com)

Living the New Economy 2016 - Core Team Meeting
May 23, 2016- Green For All
In attendance: Alli, Aaron, Colin, Rani, Corrine (on phone)

Check-ins: (What is on your plate right now?)
Earlybird sales
Scholarship language
Program submissions deadline/updates
Budget update/reality check
Indigogo campaign (Summary/Approval Vote)
Sponsorship letter (possible working time)
Bi-monthly meetings
Reschedule July meeting?

To Do - Aaron to revisit the core team dates
Upate: Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm is the winner!
To Do - Alli to reschedule July team program meeting
Update: Only 2-3 people are available for next meeting, may need to change time.
To Do - Alli to get sponsorship survey monkely language from Aaron
To Do - Aaron to send reminder for early bird registration and call for proposals
To Do - Aaron to add Corrine to core team on website
To Do - Aaron to add Daisy Ozim to advisory team (update since meeting)

Reviewed current sponsorships committed - awaiting amounts from Solidago, Beneficial State Bank, SBA, etc.
Update: New commitment from Shift Local, and City of Oakland ($500 ea)
Moving forward on Crowdfunding
Xiomara doing video -Rani and Aaron meeting with Xio. Alli supplied photo stills, getting okays from those in pics
Moving forward with postcard creation - reviewed images
Update: Daisy Ozim will join outreach committee
Scholarship Survey Monkey Form: Alli to help Aaron

Scholarship language consensus (including input from larger group):

Scholarship Opportunities - Limited scholarships available. Toward the goal for full representation and inclusion of our communities, the Living the New Economy Bay Area Collaborative aims to support people who face systemic oppression and the threat of displacement. We are especially focused on supporting the participation of people of color, youth, and those with inter-generational and other ties to Oakland. Please apply through this form by {date}.

    Awaiting proposals; will review submission and planning timeline after May 31
    Colin on program team 

Update: Several new proposals came in this week. A few people have asked for extensions.
Naomi Klein not responding at this time; Ta-Nehisi Coates is not available, but got nice note.
Update: Van Jones is considering and he will ask Michelle Alexander.

New Updates as of 5/26:
• Van Jones said yes
• Ian Lopez Haney is available. (Author of Dog Whistle Politics)
• Need to address that 50th Anniversary of Black Panthers has now been advertised for the same weekend.
• Waiting to finalize postcard