Wed 8 Feb 2017 4:13PM

Ideas thread

GG Gina Grainger-Windridge Public Seen by 431

A thread for Let Bath Breathe campaign ideas - keep it neat please.


Gina Grainger-Windridge Wed 8 Feb 2017 4:18PM

Ideas from meeting 07/02/2017:

  • 60 second survey
  • Obtain air pollution/traffic monitors and publicise results
  • Report polluting cars: https://www.gov.uk/report-smoky-vehicle
  • Bath Hacked data - go to workshops
  • Leaflets to hand to isling vehicles (switch off campaign Bristol)
  • Let Bath Breathe t-shirts
  • Wear pollution masks with "Ask me why I'm wearing this" patch
  • Banner drop (working with proteSTITCH) - to promote an event
  • Large clipboard with LBB in middle, public write a message about air pollution to the council, we stick it on social and post it to the council
  • Inhaler costume