Sat 28 Jan 2023 3:12PM

EarthArXiv PLOS direct submission starts Monday.

BC Bruce Caron Public Seen by 88

I just wanted to thank all the crew at the CDL and at PLOS for making this happen. A lot of programming went into this, and these new capabilities should make it easier to create similar partnerships in the future. Congrats to everyone!


Christopher Jackson Sat 28 Jan 2023 8:05PM



Ann Rowan Thu 11 May 2023 1:17PM

Hi @Bruce Caron, do you know how many preprints from PLOS are in EarthArXiv as of today? I think it's just over 40. It would be useful to know for their webinar this afternoon.


Bruce Caron Thu 11 May 2023 1:20PM

Over 40 is a good bet... Do you want me to ping the CDL to get the exacat number?


Ann Rowan Thu 11 May 2023 1:21PM

If you have time, yes please!


Alainna Wrigley Thu 11 May 2023 1:24PM

@Ann Rowan @Bruce Caron : As of 2023.05.11:

  • 34 manuscripts transmitted PLOS->EarthArXiv

  • 28 published in EarthArXiv

First preprint accepted via the connection: https://doi.org/10.31223/X57Q16

Most recently accepted: https://doi.org/10.31223/X5308C


Ann Rowan Thu 11 May 2023 1:25PM

Thank you :-)