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Our mission is to celebrate milksharing and to promote human milk as the biologically normal nourishment for babies and children.


Donor breastmilk is the best option when mother's own milk is not available. If a mother is unable to breastfeed, or unable to produce enough breastmilk, families can access the milk of another healthy woman through wet-nursing or milk donation, and they wont feel forced into feeding breastmilk substitutes --an act which is not without risk to the health of the child.


-To celebrate milksharing and the bond that is created between milksharing families;
-To raise awareness about milksharing as a public health issue that could save lives and money, and to advocate for the inclusion of milksharing in the public health system;
-To educate milksharing families, allies, health professionals, breastfeeding support groups and breastfeeding professionals, and the general public about the WHO feeding hierarchy, as well as all aspects of milksharing;
-To build bridges with non profit milk banks and breastfeeding support groups, all entities vital to promoting human milk as the normal nourishment for babies;
-To conduct research that will help families make more informed choices and help milksharing advance as a recognized public health issue.


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