Fri 18 Apr 2014 11:11PM

Formalized Presentations of the Metamaps.cc project

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Discussions and proposals related to documentation material for public presentation related to the Metamaps.cc project.


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Adopt the "intro to Metamaps.cc" as representative of the Metamaps.cc project, for 'official' use Closed Mon 21 Apr 2014 4:08AM

If this proposal is accepted, this means we agree that this presentation is representative of the sphere of activity of the Metamaps.cc project. Therefore, we can go ahead and publish this to the blog, the G+ community, as well as use it more widely for promotional purposes among different people who want details about the project.


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Devin H
Sat 19 Apr 2014 3:40PM

I think this is an excitement-inducing slide deck that captures the imagination and shows off what Metamaps is/can be. Awesome.

One thing I would like to see, but doesn't block it going forward, is a little * explaning sensemaking somewhere.


Benjamin Brownell
Sun 20 Apr 2014 7:29PM

I'm into it, provided one or to final tweaks per comments on the slide set doc. Nice work Ishan!


Ishan Shapiro
Mon 21 Apr 2014 2:14AM

this will empower all of us to publicize the project further with a clear proposition and commonly agreed on definition about the project, and the differentiations between the different levels of our work together.


Ishan Shapiro Fri 18 Apr 2014 11:20PM

We have a need to present the Metamaps.cc project publicly, in a way which differentiates it from the other aspects of the work of the MMOVN. In response to that, I created this presentation (http://tiny.cc/mmintro), with the purpose of more widely socializing the Metamaps.cc project.


Benjamin Brownell Sat 19 Apr 2014 1:42AM

I'd like to put forward the view here that Metamaps.cc is the public face / presence of the OVN for now, and that this is a question of how that "brand" is presented - especially since it is currently the working title of the network itself. So, less about differentiation and more about overall presentation, in that content which speaks for/from the network with this label should be representative of all participants and our commonly held guiding vision / values. This is an important area to hold a lot of awareness around who is speaking for / about whom (even choice of pronouns or grammar), and through what kind of transparent, inclusive process where appropriate.

Opening up a decision here for this presentation seems like good practice for us, but it's not something we likely want to go through with every piece of publication ahead, and that means determining some good patterns and structure for collectively intelligent decisions on the fly. I'll pick that subject up in the dev community next...


Devin H Sat 19 Apr 2014 3:58AM

Where is this intro to metamaps.cc document?


Robert Best Sun 20 Apr 2014 9:28PM

I left some comments now too, but I really like all of these presentations... Very good starting points to continue on from, and very valuable in generating a shared understanding and being our interface to new engagers on all of our different projects/layers.


Ishan Shapiro Mon 21 Apr 2014 2:11AM

@devinh i think its a very good idea to put a little * that links to a description of sensemaking :)

@robertbest i'll be responding to your comments too Rob, thank you for them and glad to hear you're liking everything!

@benjaminbrownell thanks for your input and comments on the presentation! very useful clarifications. I'll be making the last tweaks tonight.

one thing, in response to your comment Ben:

"I’d like to put forward the view here that Metamaps.cc is the public face / presence of the OVN for now, and that this is a question of how that “brand” is presented - especially since it is currently the working title of the network itself."

I think its an important differentiation to note that Metamaps.cc is not the OVN, though currently they share the same name. I'm finding this more and more problematic as we evolve the different layers that we're working on. It doesn't provide entrances necessarily to people who enter through other pathways into the network - for instance those who will soon be entering in through Veqtor.cc. I see us as a network embarking on all types of collaborative (ad)ventures together that may or may not be specifically related to Metamaps.cc - and affiliates may come through all sorts of pathways.

beyond that, I also want to say that i find it quite important that we are playing with decision-making around this sphere of activity. I agree with Ben that I don't necessarily want to be putting all our content through a process which makes it difficult to make decisions about content, etc, and we're in process of thinking about the governance recipes that will enable autonomy in the spheres of activity where it matters. individuals within the network can be empowered through trust to make certain decisions without consulting the network or attaining consensus from everyone. I see this making things more fluid in the future, where its clear what needs consensus and what doesn't. but until we have these governance patterns and domains more clearly defined, we'll tread carefully around this work, as with all our actions here we're setting precedent about how the network operates!

it was particularly important that everyone be comfortable with this public presentation which will be posted on the blog as well as other places. cheers everyone!