Aspect-tags into message

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Some Russian man into diaspora said somethink like subject.That mean make using tags for draw this part message only for named aspect(or aspects), if choice not one aspect, or public.


Sean Tilley Mon 2 Jun 2014 8:03PM

So basically, allow personal messages to be sent to entire Aspects, sort of like messaging everybody in a Group on Facebook?

It's not a bad idea, but the tricky bit is UX. There isn't exactly a "default" state for the level of privacy for messages; private messages are inherently private by nature.

However, if you wanted to just be able to quickly select some Aspects as if they were contacts when composing a message, that wouldn't be too bad. There would just need to be some kind of visual distinction between messaging individual people, and messaging an aspect.

Truth be told, this might be better if Diaspora had group functionality, as messaging a group shares a lot of conceptual overlap with the general idea.