Multiple proposals under one discussion?

DU Damon Horrell Public Seen by 27


Just wondering what the best-practice is re having multiple proposals under one discussion.

Is the intention that this only be used for multiple revisions to the one proposal until it gains sufficient support? Or is it ok to use it for different proposals under a common theme?

I have an idea for a discussion thread and a number of separate but somewhat related proposals. (Need more than 1 proposal since some will gain wider support than others.) Should I do it all in one discussion to allow visibility of the comments across all of it, or keep them separate for clarity?



Robert Frittmann Sat 12 Jul 2014 9:13AM

I agree that this is an issue that needs some attention. I'm not offering any solutions though, sorry. How do we mandate that proposals need to be kept within the confines of the original discussion topic?