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Hi All,
Free software movement has 2 branches. One is technology based and another is philosophy and politics based.

People who need technical help and tech savvy people focus only on technology. But free software began not as technological solution for some issue. its rooted very much on the politics. But the first group is not patient enough to hear any political ideas. We have to bear it. Its their freedom.

But we cannot ignore the political issues. So I request you to create 2 mailing list one for technical discussion. another for software, computer related political discussion. (remember: not general politics. Strictly on politics of technology.)

People may get annoyed by seeing alien language messages. So it will be good if create language specific sub groups for these 2 groups. At least for the philosophy group.



Pirate Praveen Wed 4 Jul 2018 7:05AM

Now mail ids are hidden in archives.


shirish Tue 14 Aug 2018 12:19PM

just subscribed to the list and posted my first mail, kudos for doing the hard work though :)