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Introductions around a circle: We often start our meetings by saying our names and what subgroup we are part of. This time around, why don't we say our names and share something that we would like others to know about us? Perhaps something interesting that happened to us recently? And maybe something we are looking forwards to in the next couple of hours or days?

OR Group Mingle: In a few minutes, participants walk around, try to find someone they do not know or have not talked to very much and discuss questions suggested in (a). After a couple of minutes, move around again and begin a new conversation. Facilitator may stop the group intermittently to hear some responses.


dorota koziarska Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:07PM



dorota koziarska Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:17PM

I think the mingling will happen naturally at the beginning as people will arrive gradually, greet etc, as Chris suggested we should leave a little setting up to do so we create the space together; and be really mindfull of whether everyone seems comfortable, ask if they know everyone and introduce, etc, but I wouldn't try to design mingling and tell people who to talk to. I think it would be nice for the whole day to feel as organic as possible and to tell people what to do and how only as much as we absolutely need to.

Once we think most people arrived and want to start I like the idea of the circle where everyone says something - anything - about themselves that is not related to StART
I've summed it up:
Mingle: People gradually arrive and mingle, make themselves tag names. Get given materials if any, and help with last minute preparations if they want to, facilitators make sure everyone is comfortable, introduce people, etc. We create the space together, put chairs, cushions etc in a circle.

Introductions around a circle: Everyone finds a preferred spot in the circle; each person says something - anything - about themselves that is not related to StART. Facilitators start the introduction round, giving some ideas for what people could say. :


Gabi Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:51PM

Group mingle was never my favorite thing, just thought it was interesting to include it on the proposal to see how others felt about it. Glad you feel the same.


Chris Setz Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:21PM

Agree with everything Dorota writes above - nice and organic, no big system in place.

Maybe if one of the facilitators feels like it they could suggest 'checkins' - everyone pairing up for five minutes or less to learn something about their neighbour most of the group don't already know. Then the go round consists of one of each pair introducing the other, as in 'this is Chris, he's from Liverpool and has two children' - something that both are happy to share and many probably don't know. Then the other one does the same. Can be a nice opportunity to find out a bit more about someone you already know.

However, as it's informal it's probably not needed as it may not add enough for the few people likely to be there who don't know much any most people present.