Fundraising: Getting Started

J Jackie Public Seen by 35

I have concerns about fundraising.

We have our general fund DONATE link:

We should be pushing that out on all media postings, but also sending it out to other groups we as individuals are involved with.

There has been mention on the calls of trying other fundraising methods. Can we start to hear about these and get them going?

It seems there is going to be considerable funds needed to secure the venues Sac has been looking at. There hasn't been one donation since we put the link up a few weeks ago.

How do we move forward?


Sally G Sat 10 May 2014 6:01PM

I think our next Facebook party should attempt to include the link, ideally along with questions about interest in attendance, transportation, endorsement (I realize that without a formal proposal, there is controversy about asking for endorsements, though to me an endorsement would mean simply “we approve the idea of the gathering; we want it to succeed”), contributions of photos/videos, willingness to participate in banner/tent project and/or caravan hosting.


Jackie Sat 10 May 2014 6:08PM

for those questions, just give the volunteer form link - it asks some of them

If we don't like word Volunteer, use the name of the form:

I would have thought that the Donate link had been added to any outgoing correspondence by now. I think it's the second most important thing for folks to be aware of after where,when,how logistic info.


Sally G Sat 10 May 2014 6:54PM

I would prefer to see a more personal question, but the form link will work along with it.


Tricia Mon 12 May 2014 10:23PM

Here's the language from the emails....

Please consider a tax-deductable contribution to the 2014 Occupy National Gathering!

For the third year in a row, Occupy communities from across the United States will meet to discuss issues, share organizational strategies and network for future actions at the 2014 Occupy National Gathering—Sacramento. In the true Occupy Spirit, all are welcome to attend and participate. Monetary contributions will assist with food, water, sanitation, transportation, media and other support services for all who occupy.

Checks are accepted through our fiscal sponsor AfGJ. Please make them payable to Occupy National Gathering/AfGJ and mail them to:

Occupy National Gathering/AfGJ
225 E. 26th St.
Tucson, Az 85713

Thank you for your support. Hope to see you there!


Julia Clark Fri 27 Jun 2014 6:09AM

I thought that the JCO would be on the drop down menu. .
I am not sure if this is the correct place to address this.
Maybe it should be in the email list or another loomio thread.
It is needed because I have people that would take this much more seriously if I had such to present along with the caravan.


Sally G Mon 30 Jun 2014 3:29AM

hmm, let’s talk—unless this discussion is also on e-mail; we thought you wanted funds to go to your site, be listed on the Web?