Fri 6 Nov 2015 7:25AM

Michel Bauwens of P2P Foundation Speaking in Aotearoa - Stalls?

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 247

Michel will be giving 6 talks in 5 cities in late Nov/ early Dec:

This could be a good opportunity to promote the Pirates and our policies to a broader audience who are interested in P2P, the shared economy, the commons, open source, and software freedom. Who can commit some time? What resources do we have to print and put on a stall?


Andrew McPherson Fri 6 Nov 2015 7:44AM

I noticed that the membership form was getting close to expired date, so I made a new copy with less grey areas, and more whitespace.
I'll email a copy, and take feedback.


Hubat McJuhes Sat 14 Nov 2015 3:51AM

Thank you @strypey for letting us know.

I am going to the talk in Wellington at the 25th. Is anyone interested to join?