Thu 29 Sep 2022 6:23PM

Upcoming workers.coop events

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Hi All,

We have started to arrange events, to help people find out more about the new federation and to help shape our thinking.

The first is in Manchester on the 21st Oct and the 2nd in Glasgow on 27th Oct. We are planning events in Bristol and London next. Alongside these are the regular fortnightly online webinars, so if you can't make any of the in person events, do try and make one of those. More info at https://www.workers.coop/events/

And don't forget to sign-up to the mailing list as well on the front page.


Hey all - Northern England and North Wales get together is happening in Manchester on Friday 21st October, immediately after:

Co-operative Ways Forward Annual Conference, Oct 20th & 21st, Manchester

There are still tickets available, including bursary tickets and volunteer tickets, plus hosts for anyone wanting to crash over in a house rather than paying for accommodation.

Check it out at https://waysforward.coop

Book onto the workers.coop get together from the link at https://www.workers.coop/events/


Caleb Elliott Fri 21 Oct 2022 1:36PM

@London worker cooperatives - please fill in this doodle poll, so we can choose a date for the London/South East regional worker.coop gathering. We'll decide on a date next Friday (28th), so please fill it out before then.

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Tim Blanc Thu 6 Apr 2023 9:01AM

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evawillms Tue 12 Dec 2023 12:33AM

@ Run 3 Your positivity and enthusiasm are truly inspiring. It's impressive!