Tue 1 Jan 2019 10:52PM

Bath street stall on Saturday, 5th January 2019

RM Ruth Malloy Public Seen by 165

Location: Burton Street (at the bottom of Milsom Street)
Time: 12:00 - 15:00
Coordinator: Ruth Malloy

Brexitometer and whatever leaflets we have available: we still have plenty of Madeleina Kay's 'Reasons to Remain' ones.
I think we need to kick up a big fuss about losing our EU rights, and in particular our individual Freedom of Movement. We need to highlight the plight of our EU sisters and brothers who are living here with us, and our fellow UK citizens living in the other EU27. This is a nightmare situation, and the tension is only going to increase until we succeed in scrapping Brexit.


Alison Born Wed 2 Jan 2019 10:46AM

I should be able to come for some of it but may also need to cover the stall at the jazz festival for some of the time. Assuming that it's possible to have the second stall there? Am I right in thinking that one of the poles is broken? if so, should it be possible to tape it together?


Ruth Malloy Wed 2 Jan 2019 3:59PM

I'm not sure about the second pop-up stall, but even if you can't fix the pole, you can still have the base part of it to put things on.


Alice Hovanessian Wed 2 Jan 2019 7:40PM

I'll be there on Saturday, Ruth. Thanks for organising both stalls Ruth and Alison - I am sure the pole can be taped together. Will try and get a new pole - have made some prelim enquiries but no reply yet.