Mon 14 Dec 2015 10:08AM

The Promise of the Commons - 22 minute film

ST Stacco Troncoso Public Seen by 288

>This film suggests that the well known essay "Tragedy of the Commons" written in 1968 by Professor Garrett Hardin is far too glib and is premised on an intuitive but ultimately unsubstantiated assumption. The authors suggest that in order to ensure that human society and civilization can successfully respond to human induced climate change it is necessary to dig deeper into the lives and the work of those who now live without equal rights or land ownership. Could looking further back in historical precedent lead to greater justice and replace the tragedy of the commons with "The Promise of the Commons".

See the full 22 minute film here:

The Promise of the Commons


Jerry Michalski Mon 14 Dec 2015 9:34PM

I'm thrilled that John Liu created this documentary. I loved his work on the revitalization of the Loess Plateau in China.

Here he is, connected to all that, in my Brain: https://webbrain.com/u/195k ( https://webbrain.com/u/195k )