Thu 21 Aug 2014 5:00AM

General Thoughts

ND Niall Darwin Public Seen by 16

From our wonderful visit on Sunday 17th August 2014 it seems as though we have the start of a plan. Simon and his mum, Jenny, are keen to get their foreshore replanted and regenerating. Niall & Anna are keen to help.
What's the scope?
Who's going to do it?
Who's going to manage it?


Niall Darwin Thu 21 Aug 2014 5:06AM

From looking at google maps it looks like there's roughly 2.4 km of coast and an area of 12ha ripe for planting.


Niall Darwin Thu 21 Aug 2014 5:27AM

From PiwiWiwi's point of view this is what we're trying to mitigate: "Our fleet did 311,000 km this year chucking 72 tons of CO2 out into the atmosphere."


Simon Thomson Sat 30 Aug 2014 12:48AM

Yeah there's a fair swag of coast going on there. As per convo it would need to be in segments, and tackling the flax along the coastal strip would be a great starting point.