Mon 13 Mar 2017 2:39PM

First Board Meeting

BP Brian Prangle Public Seen by 483

Draft Agenda OSMUK CIC Ltd Board Meeting 14 March 2017
1. Agree chairman for the meeting
2. Matters Arising from first General Meeting 22 February 2017
2.1 Bank Account
2.2 OSMF affiliation
3.Board organisation
3.1 Identify and apportion key roles: membership, treasurer, chairman(do we need one?), Companies House duties, secretary(agendas/minutes) media, others ( e.g outreach, technical, website)
3.2 Frequency of meetings
3.3 Standing Orders
3.4 Adoption of Working Groups model with Director lead per WG. Which ones do we need immediately?
4. Website and Domains
5. Activity Planning from 4 March Meeting
5.1 Choose a logo
5.2 Encourage other members not present on the day to vote on priorities to gain a wider consensus
5.3 Agree a general approach of Directors choosing to lead no more than two activities from those attracting the top votes (currently listed below), and throwing the rest open to any member interested in leading
Welsh/UK rendering (6 votes)
Notes photo app (5 votes)
Case studies (5 votes)
Gamification (5 votes)
Outreach (3)
Consistency (3)
Top 10 data (3)
Other mapper tools (2)
Training pack (2)
Having media point of contact (2)
Developing our org network (2)
Developing merge & import tools & update (2)
Surveys (1)
Onboarding process (1)
Landing page (1)
Contact details of OSM community (1)
OSM web banners (1)
6.Any Other Business (notified before beginning of meeting)