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Travel policy

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When Association has a possibility, it organizes various get-togethers and visits of conferences for it's members and contributors. OpenMandriva takes over certain costs (in the form of payment for hotel/ticket etc) or in the form of reimbursement (when there is money for that). Please note the following general rules of travel and attendance of such meetings.

  1. Normally OpenMandriva books the hotel and tickets, though in some cases it may ask you to do so. If you have a possibility to book yourself, please note, that it should be done as early as possible, immediately once the event is confirmed and your presence there is confirmed. This is of utmost importance, since prices for the tickets and hotel rooms could differ up to 4 times comparing early bookings and last minute bookings. If the booking is not done in the early period without serious reason for it, the trip could be questioned (we simply can not afford ourselves to pay for air).

  2. We do not pay for taxis to get around. Exception is made if your plane/train leaves at such time, that you have to travel to it between 1 am and 6 am, or if there is no public transport to the city, or in case several people travel together and the price for the taxi is equal to the price of several tickets for public transport.

  3. We do not have (at least at the moment) food allowance. Though, OpenMandriva will always try to have at least one nice big dinner during our get-togethers.

  4. Normally we do our best to book single rooms to give people most possible comfort, though it is possible that sometimes we would ask you to share the room with another contributor. We try to avoid this though.
    If you plan to take with you a companion, who is not OMA contributor, you are welcome to do so. If the price for the room will be different from single one/the room you could have been booked into on your own please be prepared that the difference is paid by yourself.

  5. When we are visiting events, normally all people should be present during the event hours on the site. Of course we have shifts and when there are enough people, some even manage to go to town etc, but this needs to be discussed with other participants upfront. Otherwise we risk having unpleasant situations "I thought you will be there" etc

  6. We normally try to get hotel as close to the venue as possible. But sometimes it makes no sense (like it was in Brussels, for example). If getting to the venue involves transport, please check in advance how to get there. When possible, or when some members are at the event with car, we surely would organize it in a most possibly convenient way, though please be prepared to be responsible for your get-arounds.

  7. Reimbursed is only the amount of nights, necessary for the event. If you stay longer, please be prepared to cover extra nights payments yourself.


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Colin Close
Fri 16 May 2014 8:51AM

Seems very sound to me


Fri 16 May 2014 6:43PM

The spirit is to try to organize the things enough in advance to make the booking easier and cheaper.