Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:52PM

Governance: How to change Operating Principles

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Discussion associated to the proposal Governance: How to change Operating Principles


Dieudonné Sun 3 Jun 2018 5:55PM

@brentbarker, in your proposition, what do you include in the Operating Principles (OP) ?
Is it only this page ? :
* https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/PreVH_Weave_Handbook/Decision-Making_System


Dieudonné Mon 4 Jun 2018 8:02AM

From our yesterday zoom conf, i guess i finally (!) understood you were talking about theses :
* Operating Principles

I guess it's because of the language barrier that it sometimes take me longer too understand ; )
And, guessing my guess is correct, I can now give my agreement to the proposal : )


Brent Barker Mon 4 Jun 2018 7:12PM

Yes, that's right. Talking about Operating Principles.

Notice that I now disagree with your earlier proposal, in favor of this one.


Dieudonné Mon 4 Jun 2018 7:40PM

To take into account your objection to the earlier proposition, and this new proposition, maybe we could make a mix of both propositions, making a distinction between "Operating Principles" and the rest of the "PreVH Development Status" page ?


Brent Barker Tue 5 Jun 2018 9:06PM

Yes, I see this integration. Would you draft this proposal?


Dieudonné Wed 6 Jun 2018 12:03PM

I'd prefer a native English-speaking person would do it ; )


Brent Barker Sun 24 Jun 2018 7:43PM

I've added this to the task tracker as something for me to do.